Top 5 Best YIFY Alternatives To Download Torrents

Here are the Best YIFY / YTS Alternatives (2018) for downloading torrents at ultra fast speed. Netizens searching for fully working torrent download sites that offer reliable downloading experience, similar to the one on YIFY, would find this article useful. The search for the next best YIFY (YTS) alternative is dominating discussions on internet forums. Ever since the demise of the popular torrent site, YIFY, the search for an ideal YIFY alternative is gathering momentum. Unfortunately, YIFY went done the same path as its other rivals torrent platforms such as Pirates Bay and Kickass Torrents and Torrentz; it got blocked in several countries. But here, we have enlisted some of the Top YIFY Alternatives that offer the same great torrent download services that made the now-defunct website a worldwide hit in the first place.

best yify alternatives

A mixture of panic and sadness has taken over the worldwide download landscape as torrent enthusiasts scrambling to find ways to gain access to digital files with the best possible quality after many popular torrent sites were blocked. The overwhelming influence of YIFY is starting to register among torrent users. It was one of the few sources of quality and updated content. Torrenteers are searching for answers about the future of YIFY. This torrent site was later got famous as YTS.

What’s The Story Behind YIFY Shut Down?

YIFY (YTS) turned out to be an instant hit in the torrent community by hosting movies in high-quality resolutions. Its meteoric rise was evident as it managed to generate huge traffic on a daily basis in a short period of time.

All its services worked like a charm, everything seemed to be running smoothly until, all of a sudden, the revered site went blank under mysterious circumstances. It worried many users as YIFY seldom gone blank for a lengthy period of time, or at all for that matter.

Upon searching for clues, it finally came to light that the site was ordered to be taken down following a court order in a lawsuit filed by the MPAA, New Zealand. The website is yet to resurface since. This has raised suspicions whether we will ever see it back online again. So is YIFY permanently terminated? Yes, sadly, the original site is no longer in existence. That being said, there are some YIFY mirror sites currently operational, as of this writing.

What made YIFY so popular? Well, YIFY (YTS) was one of the most popular torrent-indexing websites on the planet because it hosted only high-quality prints of TV shows and movies – no cinema prints or SD content – that too in a compressed file format that enabled ultra-fast downloads. The intuitive user-interface and ease-of-navigation made it compatible on almost any device.

5 Best YIFY Alternatives

So back to our main topic of best alternatives to YIFY. Here is a list of the Top 5 YIFY Alternatives as replacement websites that you would find enough to cater to all your torrents needs.

Lime Torrents

lime torrents

Lime Torrents may not be as well-known in movie torrenting as some of the other similar sites, but it still holds many impressive cards up its sleeves to please every segment of torrent users. The tremendous potential of alternatives for YIFY is nearing realization, especially after a massive crackdown on big players by DMCA has left the field wide open for previously lesser-known players. One of them is the Lime Torrents website with a constantly expanding library of movies, TV shows, anime, music, soundtracks, games, and other content. This YIFY Alternative has managed to gain the respect of torrent users. Boasting an easy-to-navigate interface and quality content offering, Lime Torrent is one of our picks in this list of Top 5 YIFY replacement sites.

Extra Torrent

extra torrent

Extra Torrent is an establish player in online torrent industry. It needs no introduction. This torrent website hosts a massive catalog containing modern culture content ranging from movies, shows, music to ebooks, games, and documentaries. Thus, it is perhaps not a surprise that it is already a preferred choice of thousands of torrent users. Extra Torrent is still working. It has successfully managed to hoodwink the DMCA so far. This naturally makes it one of our picks for the best YIFY alternatives currently available.

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Bit Snoop

bit snoop torrent site

BitSnoop has managed to keep a flawless (an unblemished) streak of hosting virtually no bad torrents. You will almost never find a broken download link on this torrent site. This is why it is rapidly gaining currency among torrent aficionados. The torrent platform has reached a new level of popularity, especially since the shutting down of YIFY, KickAss Torrents, and Torrentz. BitSnoop’s intelligent Tracker Match algorithm ensures that you see to the point search results from its library of digital content. Moreover, Bit Snoop is still active, which sanctions its entry as one of the top YIFY alternatives.


isohunt torrents

ISOHunt is not a new name in the world of torrents. It’s been around from a time when torrenting was still a relatively new concept. Thankfully, ISOHunt has managed to survive the hunt that followed the application of stricter copyright laws. It seems to be going strong and survive unscathed, for now. The website has one of the largest (and oldest) collection of torrents on the internet. While the likelihood of ISOHunt being on the DMCA hit-list cannot be ruled out entirely, but for the time being, it presents amazing prospects to fill the gap left behind by YIFY.


rarbg torrents

If downloading in HD and 4K is your preference then look no further than RARBG. This torrent website is a repository of high-resolution content. It has cornered HD torrent market since the demise of KickAss and in the process gained a lot of goodwill. As of now, this torrent-indexing website is one of the leading sources of torrent downloads across the globe. You will find a wide range of content that includes movies, shows, TV series, documentaries, games, books, music, videos, and even PC, console and smartphone software. RARBG has elevated the torrenting affair, and could arguably be termed as the best alternative for YIFY.

So, these are the best YIFY alternative torrent websites that are currently active online. Do share your views about our list of the 5 best YIFY alternatives and tell us if you know of any other in the comments section below.