iOS 17: How To Fix WiFi Not Working Or Connecting

If you’re experiencing issues with WiFi on iOS 17 such as frequent disconnections, slow speed, or it not working altogether, here are some steps you can take to address the problem.

So, you’ve eagerly awaited the release of iOS 17 from Apple, and now that you’ve installed it on your iPhone, you’ve encountered a problem. Your WiFi is not functioning as it should. It keeps disconnecting or performing sluggishly. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that something is not right, and you’ll want to find a solution.

ios 17 wifi issues fixed

Dealing with this situation can be incredibly frustrating. Make sure to attempt the following suggestions to restore proper functionality.

Restart iPhone

First and foremost, try restarting your iPhone and see if that resolves the issue.

Restart Router

It is possible that the problem lies not with your iPhone, but with your router instead. In that case, a simple restart of the router may be sufficient to restore your WiFi connection.

Reset iPhone’s Network Settings

At times, the network settings on your iPhone can become corrupted, and the only solution is to reset them.

By doing this, you will lose any stored WiFi passwords, but it can help resolve the issue. Navigate to Settings > General > Reset, and then select Reset Network Settings. You’ll need to authenticate and then sign back into your WiFi network.

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Disable Wifi Assist

Occasionally, your iPhone may mistakenly perceive the WiFi connection as being weak and automatically switch to cellular data. You can try disabling WiFi assist by going to Settings > Cellular/Mobile and check if the situation improves.

Forget WiFi Network

In some cases, simply forgetting the network and reconnecting can be sufficient. Access Settings > WiFi, select the network in question, tap “Forget This Network,” and confirm. Now, reconnect to the network and see if the situation improves.

Restore iPhone

As a last resort, you can try the nuclear option. However, bear in mind that this will require setting up your device from scratch, and we recommend not restoring from a backup. Save this as your final option to consider.