Apex Legends Mobile Global Pre-Registration Is Now Open! Learn More Here

Global pre-registration for Apex Legends Mobile is now live! And millions of players have already signed up for the mobile version of Apex Legends.

The day fans of Apex Legends were waiting for is finally here. Developer Respawn Entertainment in collaboration with Electronic Arts, has initiated a global pre-registration drive for their popular battle royale game.

However, Apex Legends Mobile‘s early access is still restricted to select regions on iOS and Android.

Moreover, users of Apple devices will have to jump through a few extra hoops to download Apex Legends Mobile for iPhone and iPad. It is relatively straightforward to install Apex Mobile right away on the Android side.

apex legends mobile registration

With the worldwide rollout, the soft-launch phase of free-to-play battle royale with limited access to a handful of regions and countries across the globe officially ends.

Those who manage to secure their spot in the registration stage get the guarantee to play their favorite game at launch.

Furthermore, EA and Respawn promise to dole out bonus cosmetics within a preselected range based on the number of gamers who end up signing. Apex Mobile has already notched up a registration count of more than 7.5 million users.

Here is a trailer providing a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming Apex Legends Mobile version.

If you’re an Android user, pre-registration is available. Meanwhile, EA assures iOS users that they can register soon.

In the meantime, see below a brief overview of the game’s central dynamics in the snippet taken from the description posted on its Google Play Store page:

  • Become an Apex Champion Anywhere – Apex Legends has been designed explicitly for mobile, with streamlined controls and thoughtful optimizations that result in one of the most advanced battle royale combat games available for a tablet or phone.
  • Strategic Squad Play with Iconic Legends – Choose from a growing cast of beloved Legends with unique abilities and personalities to fit an array of playstyles – and discover new mobile-first Legends with new stories to tell.
  • High Octane Competition – Fast-paced gameplay with fluid movement and gunplay, requiring quick reflexes and strategic choices and designed to keep a mobile player coming back for more.
  • Mobile-First Adaptations & Innovations – New Legends, maps, gameplay, modes, progressions, and live events constantly expand the gameplay variety to keep the experience fresh and new every season.
  • The Immersive, Ever-Evolving Apex Universe – Join the Games across the Outlands, where unpredictable conditions, challenges and Legends are continuously introduced to test players’ skills.

Apex Legends Mobile’s release date of the full and final version is this summer. So mark your calendars.