How To Fix iTunes for Windows 10

If iTunes is not working on your PC, here are two ways to fix common issues on Windows 10. iTunes is Apple’s official software through which you can backup and restore the operating system, data, and files to and from iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. iTunes acts as the main gateway to connect your iOS-powered devices to a PC Windows in order to perform customization tasks. If you own an Apple iOS device, it is important that you have the latest version of iTunes. However, in case iTunes not working on your desktop or laptop, here is how you can fix iTunes errors to make it work again. In the following tutorial, see the steps to repair iTunes app on Windows 10 and how to reset iTunes app on Windows 10.

repair and reset itunes on windows 10

iTunes for Windows 10 works fine for the most part. But due to corrupted files or bugs, it might start showing errors or fail to play music, stream videos, or connect your iPhone or iPad.

Previously, it wasn’t as straightforward to resolve the problems with iTunes, but now that Apple has started offering its app through the Microsoft Store, most problems are easy to fix using the Settings app.

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Here is a step by step guide to fix common issues with the iTunes app on Windows 10.

Repair iTunes for Windows 10

To fix common issues on iTunes Windows 10 app, here is what you need to do to access the repair option in the Settings app:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click on Apps.
  • Under Apps & features, select iTunes.
  • Click the Advanced options link below the iTunes icon.

apps and features win 10

  • On the next screen, click the Repair button.

itunes repair win 10

That’s it. Windows 10 will now start repairing issues with iTunes without affecting your data and saved content.

Reset iTunes for Windows 10

If repair option fails to address the common issues with the iTunes app on your Windows 10 device, here is how to reset iTunes in the Settings app:

  • Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Click on Apps & features.
  • Under “Apps & features”, select iTunes and click the Advanced Options link.
  • This time, click the Reset button.

reset itunes win 10

Now, wait until the reset process is complete after which you can launch iTunes. This option will restore iTunes back to its original state when you first installed it on your Windows 10 PC, which means all previously applied settings will be lost. That said, your music, videos, apps, files, and other content will remain saved within the program.