iOS 15.4 Face ID Now Works Without A Mask And Apple Watch! Here’s More

iOS 15.4 enables users to unlock iPhones without wearing a mask or even Apple Watch, for that matter.

As early developer beta shows, Apple is making drastic improvements in iOS 15.4 for iPhone and iPadOS 15.4 for iPad devices. The next update of the iOS mobile firmware is already available via the developer channel. Eligible users are already testing new features, such as 120Hz ProMotion for third-party apps, adding notes to Keychain Passwords, and a separate app to trade in older devices before the full public release of the operating system update.

ios 15.4 face id

On iOS 15.4 iPhones, users will receive a new option that allows access to the Face ID while still wearing a mask. In addition, users can opt to disable the feature if ensuring privacy is their primary concern. That said, Apple explains that the new Face ID & Passcode feature will mainly focus on the people’s eyes and the “unique features” in the surrounding parts.

During early previews, unlocking an iPhone running iOS 15.4 while wearing a mask works as expected.

Although the authentication process is slow, this could change when the whole public version rolls out.

Likewise, Apple improves upon the Face ID recognition system when wearing glasses and a mask simultaneously.

ios 15.4 face id unlock

Moreover, reports indicate that the new Face ID unlocking will only work while wearing a mask on modern iPhones, specifically iPhone 12 or newer. Those who use iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone 11 report that the feature is not working. Apple is yet to clarify this issue. But more likely, the older devices lack the extra processing power needed to perform fast eye-focused security checks.