How To Install Fortnite On iPhone And iPad Without Jailbreak [2021]

Here is how to download and install Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreak in 2021. As you might know, Fornite mobile is banned on iOS and Android platforms. Epic Games grumblings over alleged unfair treatment pertaining to its revenue-sharing agreement with Apple and Google have led to a Fortnite ban on the App Store and Play Store respectively.

Ever since the strike down, fans of the game are searching for workarounds to get their favorite PUBG Mobile alternative battle royale game.

Well, the good news is that there are several ways still working to get Fornite on unsupported devices.

On the Android side, we have already shared methods to set up Fornite on popular devices such as Samsung Galaxy A10e and LG Style 5 while addressing the infamous matchmaking error on high-end, GSM, and dual-SIM handsets.

Whereas, when it comes to iOS, there is a lack of working solutions to address Fortnite playability issues on iPhone and iPad. Well, at least, until now.

Fortnite players no longer have to wait for Apple and Epic Games to iron out their mutual disagreements because there is a solution to work past that hurdle.

The following guide should work for most users.

fortnite for ios

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How To Play Fornite For iPhone And iPad [No Jailbreak]:

This solution requires no jailbreak to run Fornite on iPhone and iPad in 2021.

That said, you’ll need access to an Apple ID that was previously used to download Fortnite at the time when the game was still available on the App Store.

With that cleared, let go through the steps required to set up Fortnite on iOS devices without jailbreak:

Step 1 – On your PC Windows or Mac, head over to this URL:

Step 2 – You now need to download two installation files namely iMazing for Mac or Windows, and Fortnite Data file.

Step 3 – Once the download is complete, install iMazing and run it as a Trial version.

Step 4 – Now connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer. Skil the Back Up Now prompt if you like.

Step 5 – With the iMazing app opened, you’ll see the plugged-in device icon on the left column of the interface. Simply select it and click the Quick Transfer button.

fornite for iphone

Step 6 – When done, drag and drop the file you downloaded earlier.

Step 7 – Follow that by navigating to App > Next > Transfer which will then initiate the Fortnite installation.

Step 8 – During the setup process, you’ll get a prompt asking you to enter an Apple ID to download the app. Make sure to use the Apple ID previously used to download Fortnite from the App Store otherwise this may not work.

Step 9 – That’s all.

You’ve successfully installed Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad. Go ahead and launch Fortnite to play the latest version of the battle royale game on your iOS device.

Note: If you see a red screen appear, don’t panic. Simply tap Log Out and it will relaunch the game again, hopefully without issues this time. Enjoy!

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