Download Filza IPA for RootlessJB iOS 12.1.2 – 12 Jailbreak [ Latest Version ]

The latest version of the popular iOS jailbreak tweak Filza has been released. Here download Filza IPA for RootlessJB Jailbreak on iPhone or iPad running iOS 12, iOS 12.1.1, or iOS 12.1.2 firmware version. RootlessJB is a recently released iOS 12 jailbreak solution. The main purpose of jailbreak is to enhance the capabilities of iOS devices, outside the bounds of Apple’s restrictions. But without useful jailbreak tweaks, even a stable jailbreak solution is not much of use. One of the most in-demand tweaks is the Filza File Manager. The new update of this RootlessJB jailbreak for iOS 12 – 12.1.2 devices is now available for everyone. Download Filza from the link below.


iOS 12 Jailbreak

The rootlessJB, in conjunction with unc0ver jailbreak, has filled up space in iOS 12.x.x – 12.1.2 jailbreak scene to a large extent. That said, this SSH-based jailbreak is far from stable to be used as a daily driver on most devices. It is mainly aimed to provide developers with an avenue for experimenting and creating new tweaks and solution to unlock the next level of iOS experience.

It lacks public-friendly tools, such as an easy-to-use package manager, that help average users to use jailbreak without encountering problems. It relies on SSH access to facilitate the movement of files and tweaks between multiple devices. Furthermore, in the absence of reliable safety mechanisms in place, the jailbreak could leave the device exposed to threats from unknown sources.

This brings us to our main topic that is Filza for iOS 12 – 12.1.2 jailbreak tweak. You can download the latest version of Filza IPA from the link below.

Download Filza IPA for RootlessJB iOS 12 Jailbreak [ Latest Tweak Version ]

Developers behind Filza have rolled out the RootlessJB jailbreak compatible version of their popular tweak. It is compatible with all devices that have been jailbroken on iOS 12 – 12.1.2 operating system. Here are the details.

The update brings it a step closer to full public version release with stability features and under-the-hood improvements. The official announcement about the arrival of Filza was posted on TIGI software’s page in these terms:

Filza File Manager and Apps Manager now work with rootlessJB3 (iOS 12 – 12.1.2). You can download IPA here:

The release note falls short of clarifying whether the Filza File Manager is fully compatible with the rootlessJB but it does share a direct download link that anyone interested in the tweak can visit to get the IPA file.


Some users have responded with their complains under the original Tweet that the tweak is either crashing or not working on some devices. One user specifically mentioned that it keeps closing on iPhone 6s running iOS 12.1.2 firmware. While others have expressed their satisfaction with the performance of the main features making it possible to access the root file system using Filza without anything untoward surfacing during the process.

There have also been reports that this release is working fine on iPads rooted with rootlessJB. It is heartening to see that the development work is progressing at a rapid pace and one hopes it will soon be ready so that it is out in the public domain outside of the developer-focused environment.

Until then visit the link shared above to download Filza IPA for iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2 devices jailbroken via rootlessJB.

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