unc0ver 5.2.1 Jailbreak For iOS 13.5 Download Link [July 2020]

Here you can download the latest v5.2.1 of the fully working unc0ver tool to jailbreak iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running on iOS 13.5 firmware. The unc0ver 5.2.1 direct download link from the official source is available below. This July 2020 update of iOS 13.5 jailbreak tool features critical bug fixes to improve stability, the overall performance, and more.

This update came out a few days before Apple’s iOS 14 public beta release, which is why we will have wait until the jailbreak support for the latest iOS operating system arrives for non-developers to download and install on their compatible devices.

The latest version is released after a month since v5.2 rolled out for the public. Here are the details.

unc0ver 5.2.1 jailbreak

Unc0ver Jailbreak v5.2.1 For iOS 13.5:

For those new to the iOS jailbreak arena, unc0ver is a jailbreak, which means that you can have the freedom to do whatever you would like to do to your iOS device. It allows you to change what you want and operate within your purview, unc0ver unlocks the true power of your iDevice.

Unc0ver Jailbreak 5.2.1 brings bugs fixes causing device compatibility errors along with other improvements to enhance performance metrics of the platform.

The team of developers is currently hard at work to unveil the iOS 14 jailbreak tool. Previously, Checkra1n shared a teaser video showing the Cydia working on iOS 14 beta 1 software. That said, such exploits are mostly reserved for testing purposes and thus rarely see the light of day in the public domain. iOS 14 is still in its early beta phase, so jailbreak experts are still trying to understand it in detail.

Back to the unc0ver jailbreak update and more information about what’s new in this flight.

What’s New In Unc0ver 5.2.1:

A bug affecting the device compatibility manager in the previous version causes issues such as unexpected crashes on devices powered by Apple’s A7 and A8 chips.

Here is the unc0ver 5.2.1 changelog:

  • Fix bugs in the device compatibility manager
  • Fix a logic bug to improve performance
  • Fix patchfinder initialization for A7-A8 devices
  • Allow jailbreaking with corrupted /tmp directory

Unc0ver iOS 13.5 Jailbreak On Twitter:

The unc0ver jailbreak developers announced the official update release on July 8, 2020 via their Twitter handle.

Download Unc0ver 5.2.1 For iOS 13.5 Jailbreak:

You can download the latest unc0ver build from the unc0ver website.

If you have an iPhone or iPad which you would like to jailbreak using uncover, download the tool from the link above. Always use the latest version as it provides more stable performance compared to older ones.

Once the download is complete, open the unc0ver app, and hit the jailbreak button located in the center of the home screen.

Next, simply follow on-screen instructions and let the tool do its job in the background.

When the jailbreak process is complete, restart your device to finalize changes.

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Let us know about your experience with this update in the comments section.