iOS 14.5 Activates Dual-SIM 5G On iPhone 12! Learn More Here

iOS 14.5 update for all compatible iPhone models is available! Along with a bevy of fixed issues and new features, this firmware version improves how the 5G network operates on the iPhone 12 series. In addition, a slight tweak to Smart Data Mode ensures efficient switching of data networks to maximize battery timing per charge.

iPhone 12 Dual-SIM 5G Support Arrives With A Small Trick To Preserve Battery:

iOS 14.5 comes with a plethora of new additions. It improves upon the overall functionality of the mobile operating system brought in the previous iOS 14.4 release. Among several first-time features, one related to 5G should interest all iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max owners.

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First of all, Apple has finally decided to enable 5G in dual-SIM mode. Up until now, usage restrictions meant only 4G LTE  was operational when two connections were enabled simultaneously. Using 5G was not possible without switching off one mobile network connection. However, starting from iOS 14.5, you are free to use 5G in dual-SIM mode.

ios 14.5 dual-sim 5g safe data mode iphone 12

In the official changelog, Apple has this to say with regards to how 5G works on iPhone 12:

Dual-SIM support enables 5G connectivity on the line that’s using cellular data on iPhone 12 models

That said, there is one thing you should know beforehand. When enabled, 5G works on the line which is using cellular data. You are not allowed to have two lines connected to the 5G at the same time. In other words, Apple opts for a tradeoff that seems fair when taking into account the real-world use of the feature.

Moreover, this tweaked 5G function appears reasonable considering the costs involved in having an expensive mobile data network for fast-speed internet browsing. Therefore, having two lines active together makes little sense. So, in order to prevent wastage of valuable bandwidth and needless data loss, it is better to use 5G on the active cellular data line.

Plus, Apple has introduced some improvements to the workings of Smart Data Mode. Now, instead of force enabling 5G, it switches back to 4G LTE connectivity when the smartphone is not in use. This step saves battle life, which most users would not mind. Here is it pertinent to mention that this feature was already available, however, it was not working properly thereby forcing Apple to make certain underlying improvements to extend battery life.

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According to the official statement from Apple:

Smart Data Mode improvements further optimize your experience on 5G networks for better battery life and data usage on iPhone 12 models

If you want to enable these features on your device, install iOS 14.5 on your iPhone 12. It takes only a few minutes to download the update over the air.

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