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Google has started rolling out its latest mobile operating system, the Android P, on its Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The Android P developer beta is already available for Google branded devices. But what about handsets from other manufacturers? Well, you can now download Android P on several non-Google phones by following the links shared below. We have already discussed how to get Android P beta on OnePlus 6 and Nokia 7. Today, owners of other popular smartphones brands from major OEMs will get to know about the place where they can grab the latest Android firmware. If you’re interested, get this Android P launcher to enjoy the same Pixel and Pixel XL launcher experience on your device.

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The Android P was announced by Google during its 2018 I/O conference. The Android P Beta for smartphones is here after months of testing and developers previews. In the following guide, you will learn how to get the latest version of Android P Beta for your device. This time Google has changed its past pattern by offering the beta updates on devices from other manufacturers. Devices registered on the Android One program are eligible for the update. We have shared a complete list of compatible devices along with their official source links where you can register your phone and install Android P right away.

This new mobile OS brings lots of improvements over the previous Android Oreo firmware. Increase security, better performance on both new and old devices, and smooth functioning are some of the highlights of this year’s Android firmware. Android P Beta is your gateway to a world of endless possibilities of device customization. The betas will give you an idea of what’s to expect in the incoming final version of Android P. Do note that being still a beta, it could contain some bugs and issues. However, each successive release is comparatively better than the previous one.

Android P

In the Android P, you will be able to get better notifications experience. It brings Display Cutout Support. HRD VP9 Videp, HEIF image compression, and Media APIs. Neutral Networks API 1.1 and all important security enhancements.

In short, Android P has many great new features and capabilities for developers and users. Here are the official links to Android P Beta for non-Google devices.

Download Android P Beta

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