How To Fix PS5 Download Queue Bug 2020 [No Factory Reset Required]

Here is Sony’s officially proposed solution to fix PS5 Download Queue Bug that is frustratingly freezing the download bar from progressing past the zero percent point. The Download Queue problem on PS5 is blocking games from getting downloaded on the game console. The issue takes a particularly severe turn if a user initiates multiple downloads at the same time. If your device is one of the affected ones, you might want to keep reading to learn how to fix PlayStation 5 Download Queue Bug to resume the download process.

PlayStation 5 hasn’t had a smooth ride since its launch earlier this month. The PS5 console is still kind of buggy as it keeps churning out one performance issue after another, according to a sizeable proportion of early adopters.

Early feedback indicates several critical bottlenecks are proving to be a stumbling block in providing an optimal user experience. Some of the widely reported concerns relate to problems such as stalled downloads, rebuilt database issue bricking system, games crashing unexpectedly, and sporadic freezing.

Getting your hands on a shiny new next-gen console is one thing, but fun may very well be short-lived when weird issues start surfacing out of nowhere. The most recent one is the Download Queue where game download remains stuck, no matter how many times players start the process over again.

ps5 download queue error

PlayStation 5 Download Queue Issue:

One of the most discussed recent issues confronting PS5 users is known as the download queue bug. When this happens, games get stuck in the download queue. The download bar won’t move forward from 0% for indefinite periods of time.

Some players found that when they select a game to download onto the PS5, it appears the download begins, and then nothing happens.

Prior solutions hinted at performing a full factory reset on the console, but that was extremely cumbersome and involved the deletion of a bunch of data, especially if you’d already migrated the gaming catalog from your PS4.

Although Sony’s recently released firmware update dedicated to addressing “rebuild database” leading to bricked system firmware failed to remove the bug, the PlayStation maker does have a fix for the download queue glitch.

ps5 download queue fix

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How To Fix PS5 Download Queue Error:

According to Sony, players can resume games stuck in the download queue by starting the PS5 console in Safe mode: Turn on or restart your PS5 console by holding down the power button for several seconds.

Once done, proceed to manually rebuild the database as shown in the following Tweet posed on Sony’s Twitter account:

This takes care of the issue without deleting anything. That said, it still requires some leg work from players to go through the hoops and remains far from the ideal position one would expect to find themselves in when using a next-gen console.

Wrap Up:

We have heard from IGN, one of the first to report the bug, that applying the above steps does indeed fix the problem of games like Godfall and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War getting stuck in the download queue.

Meanwhile, plenty remains in need of attention from Sony. Issues without fixes so far include the system crash when running in suspend mode. In this case, PS5 instead of turning back on enters a prolonged bootup sequence, issuing a message saying “repairing console storage” usually reserved for scenarios when you pull the power plug out while the console is running.

We still don’t have clear insight as to why this keeps occurring, and what it entails for the console stability in the longterm. However, some users have come up with their own suggestions one of which is turning off Reset mode completely in the settings menu and closing any running games before shutting down the system.

ps5 download queue

And then there is the strange PS5 behavior that sometimes defaults to installing and running the PS4 versions of games, even when using a PS5 disc. The problem can easily be rectified with a manual switching to the next-gen game version, but not paying proper attention could have you could end up playing the wrong version. Take for example Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War which keeps defaulting to the PS4 version or undergoes occasional crashes and freezes while in the middle of the play despite an official workaround from Activision.

In conclusion, it is difficult to pin the freezes to the console hardware or the particular games in question as we’re still in the early stages of next-gen gaming. Hopefully, such types of rough edges continue to get weeded out to sand down jankier bits in time.

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