Download MonoNX Nintendo Switch Emulator for Android Devices

An emulator tool acts as a conduit to run applications and games on a non-native platform. For example, if you want to run an Android app on the computer, Android Emulators accomplish this task without compatibility issues. Playing console games on smartphones and tablets, and vice versa, through emulators is not a new concept. PUBG Mobile developer has already demonstrated that with its Tencent Gaming Buddy tool. And now the news that Nintendo Switch Emulator for Android is under development has piqued user interest even further. The MonoNX Emulator brings Nintendo Switch games over to the Android platform. Devices running Android firmware will be able to play Nintendo Switch games using MonoNX emulator regardless of the hardware. Download MonoNX Nintendo Switch Emulator from the link below and install it for free right away. Amazing, right?

The team of developers that goes by the name of Ryukinnx in collaboration with ctrninja is responsible for designing this software solution to help enable users to run Nintendo Switch games on Android phones.


Android devices with an ARM64 CPU and a minimum 4GB RAM are eligible to download MonoNX. This hardware requirement shouldn’t be too burdensome on those who want to get Switch gaming onto their smart devices. With minimum prerequisites in terms of hardware, developers clearly intend to make their tool appealing to as many Android and Switch users as possible.

MonoNX Emulator for Android (Nintendo Switch Emulator)

One thing is for sure, following through the course of development of this emulator is no easy task. The latest Discord project has recently hinted at some headway made in the works, but their message is hardly confidence inducing.

The emulator is still very much a work-in-progress. Suffering from such shortcomings as, in the words of the developer, “absolutely no graphics” and is limited only to “console output”.

Hello there, I’ve been working on this for a few days and I thought I’d finally show it off!

Please note that there is ***absolutely no graphics***, only console output! Also, it’s very slow (only runs at about 0.3-0.2fps for me) and it only runs old homebrew (e.g. first libtransistor tests and such).

This indicates that it will sometime before we see a fully working solution on Android devices out in public. Having said that, signs that the work hasn’t stalled altogether and the team is constantly using all its skills to polish all aspects of its product should surely be a cause for delight.


In the meantime, those who already own a Nintendo Switch would like stick to their primary gaming device. On the other hand, Android users will have to wait for the final version release of MonoNX or download the APK for the unfinished product from the link below and use at their own discretion.

MonoNX Nintendo Switch Emulator Android APK Download Link

Click on the link below to download the APK for MonoNX Nintendo Switch Emulator for Android.

MonoNX Emulator APK

You can follow all the latest news and information about the progress made in the GBATemp forum thread here.

So what are your thoughts? Did MonoNX work on your device or is it still having issues running Nintendo Switch games on Android? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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