How-To Buy Bitcoin BTC Cryptocurrency, ETH, Dogecoin On Android And iPhone [2021]

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy cryptocurrency on your iPhone or Android device. Buying and selling Bitcoin (BTC), ETH, and Dogecoin is now easier than ever before. Simply download the app mentioned in the following tutorial below and follow the steps to buy crypto directly on your mobile or tablet running iOS or Android firmware in 2021.

Rise Of Cryptocurrency:

The global COVID-19 pandemic crisis compelled countries to ramp up social security programs to assist people struggling to meet household expenses due to loss of jobs and economic slowdown. This led to central banks in several countries print large sums of money to inject stimulus packages into their respective economies. However, according to the cardinal rule of supply and demand, the issuance of new currency over a certain limit leads to a decreased value of the paper currency due to resulting high inflation.

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These types of developments combined with a resurgence of interest in alternative stores of value to park assets and protect them against future uncertainty. Unsurprisingly, this has prompted a rebound of sorts in digital currency with investors looking toward diverse investment avenues to protect themselves from a potential decline in purchasing power because of rising inflation.

As if this renewed uptick in demand for digital assets wasn’t enough, the trend is exacerbated when Tesla’s enigmatic founder, Elon Musk, decided that the electric car maker is going to invest $1.5 billion of its cash reserves for purchasing cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Tesla will allow buyers to pay for its electric vehicles via crypto money.

As it seems, the time to buy a new car in Bitcoin is not too far away.

Not only that Elon Mush is also keen on Dogecoin that’s is widely popular for a variety of reasons. Elon termed it the people’s crypto thanks to a relatively simple transaction method.

That said, not many know much about the Crypto business due to its novelty. To make the process as simple as possible for an average joe to understand a digital payment system, a third-party source or platform with specialized expertise removes much of the complexity thus making participation in Bitcoin and other cryptos accessible for everyone.

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How To Buy Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Digital Money On Mobile:

So, if you find yourself interested in dipping your toes into the crypto sphere, there are few better options than the one we are about to explain in the steps below.

The method is simple to grasp for everybody:

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Without further ado, here is how to purchase bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies straight from your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Step 1: First of all, go to the Binance website and sign up for a free account.

Step 2: To verify your account, upload a photo of your ID and any documents confirming your residence address. Make sure this document is under your name.

Step 3: Once the account is successfully verified, you are all set to trade cryptocurrency.

Step 4: Now grab your Android device or iPhone, download the Binance app for free from the Play Store or App Store.

Step 5: After downloading the app, launch it and log in using your credentials. You can buy preferred crypto via debit or credit card, bank deposit, or P2P option.

Step 6: In case you’re using the bank deposit option, when the credit appears in your account as BUSD under the “Wallet” tab located at the bottom right corner, hit the “Trade” button in the center of the panel situated in the bottom of the app. Once done, select the crypto you want to buy in exchange for BUSD, type in the amount of digital currency you want to buy, and hit the BUY button to confirm.

Step 7: That’s it.

Binance offers more than 200 different cryptocurrencies. Hopefully, you will start making a buck load of money in no time.

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