How To Easily Sync Contacts Between iOS And Android Devices [2 Methods]

Modern smartphones have made it easy to transfer contacts between devices. In pre-smartphone days, users had some, less than ideal, ways to copy contacts, such as moving contacts to a SIM card before putting it in a new device, or manually entering contacts one by one. However, with the advent of smartphones, all you have to do is to get a Google or Apple ID account and use it on your iOS or Android device to synchronize all contacts linked with the account.

sync contacts ios and android

While the process is seamless, but it’s not without some issues. Sometimes contact syncing doesn’t go through as normal. There could be any number of reasons that could cause disruption in moving contacts from one account to the other. For some users, this could relate to simple oversight in activating synchronization on smartphone. Without knowing how to address the issue could waste hours in finding the right solution.

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These days, many users own an iPhone and an Android device at the same time. One prospect the users of multiple devices are most likely to face is transferring contacts, for example, moving contacts from an older device to a new one, or from a primary phone/tablet used as a daily driver to a secondary device. Manual data transfer can take a long time, making it impractical if there is a large volume of data to be copied. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the action will take place without errors or missing a few items during the process.

Android sync with iOS makes it easy to move contacts in a matter of seconds. There are several ways to do it but the two method that standout are Transfer by importing contacts from Google into iOS via CardDAV, and Sync with GoogleSync.

How To Sync Contacts Using CardDAV

This method is useful for all iOS device owners. If you want to sync iOS contacts with CardDAV, simply perform these steps.

Step 1 – Grab your iOS device and go to its Settings.

Step 2 – In Settings menu, scroll down to Mail, addresses, calendars.

Step 3 – In the context menu, select Add.

Step 4 – Scroll through the list of iOS accounts and click on the “Other” button.

Step 5 – Select Add a CardDAV account and note down all the information to create an account which includes Google username, password and the server ( and a brief description of account just created.

Save all the changes after which your Android contacts will start syncing with iOS device automatically.

Note: If you have selected 2 Step verification in the Google Settings, then at the time of creating the CardDAV account, you will need to enter the password for the specific application, in this case, the main Google account.

How To Sync Contacts With GoogleSync

This method of synchronization is useful for Google business accounts, as well as those associated with governmental agencies. Here is how to do it.

Step 1 – Head over to the Settings of your iOS device.

Step 2 – Add the account by analogy with the previous method by selecting the list of Microsoft Exchange in the operating system.

Step 3 – Enter all the required information to create an account by specifying the address as the server (the domain address must be left blank.

Step 4 – Enable the created main, once done.

This method can only be used on iOS 6 or later versions.

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