Download All iOS & macOS Stock Wallpapers Ever Released

Here is a trick to download every iOS and macOS stock wallpaper ever released with iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, Macbook and Macbook Pro, and save them in one place for use on your device. Apple is known for its beautiful product designs, seamless UI, well-integrated mobile and desktop/laptop platforms and related services, and secure software. The Cupertino based tech giant might have slipped a bit in product quality standards of late, as evidenced by the recent controversy surrounding the MacBook keyboard and CPU throttling issue, but Apple still produces far better optimized software, streamlined operating systems, and some of the best stock wallpapers. Apple users might be familiar with the wallpapers on their iOS device or Mac. Out of nowhere, a Redditor, who seems to be an Apple enthusiast, has compiled an album of every iOS and macOS wallpaper that the world’s most valuable company has ever released. You can download them all here.


Get the entire album of stock wallpapers that contains iconic images that Apple has rolled out in the past, as well as the latest wallpapers, including the ones on yet to be released iOS 12 and iPhone X. For instance, the iOS wallpaper album features the dancing silhouette images that were used on iTunes gift cards.

Download Every iOS Stock Wallpapers Ever

The iOS album contains wallpapers ranging from the earlier iOS 11 all the way to the latest for iPhone X and even iOS 12. All images are in HD quality. The iOS 3 wallpapers are 2048 x 2048 px but the new ones are sized to fit the modern smartphone displays.


If you think that the wallpapers’ dimensions do not perfectly fit on the screen of your device or its too small or square, check out the range of iPad wallpapers. Obviously, since the iPad was release much later, so don’t expect iOS 3 wallpapers to fit an iPad display but, of course, there are plenty of great images for you to choose in the entire album linked below. What’s more, the wallpaper collection features even the most recent stock images released for iPhone X Red at the WWDC.

Download iOS Wallpapers here

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Download Every macOS Wallpaper Ever

Like the iOS album, the macOS wallpaper album has images that date back to the operating system called OS X and named after different kinds of cats. In the entire collection, you will find wallpapers from Lion, Snow Leopard, Puma, and other macOS versions. This wallpaper pack also includes the latest macOS Mojave dynamic wallpapers that automatically change to reflect the time of the day and macOS Mojave Beta 5 wallpapers.

Mojave Night

The wallpapers are in HD resolution and fit the screen size perfectly. Mac screen size has remained the same throughout, unlike the iPhone which has gone through several changes in the display size, so the wallpaper should fit well on any desktop PC or laptop.

Download Mac Wallpapers Here

It goes without saying that some wallpapers may need to be adjusted for your device. Windows PC or Linux users using macOS wallpapers shouldn’t face much issues but smartphone owners will need to resize an image before using it on their device. Android phone users who want to use iOS or macOS wallpapers, should have prior understanding about how their device resizes images for the wallpapers. On some smartphones, if the image isn’t the correct size, the resulting wallpaper is a blurry, pixelated hodgepodge that doesn’t look good in the background.