How To Backup Android Device And Extract TWRP Backup On PC Windows / Mac / Linux

In this guide, you’ll learn how to backup Android phone on PC using TWRP Backup Tool and extract TWRP backup on PC. TWRP Backup for Windows, Mac and Linux is possible with the latest version of the best Android custom recovery tool. The TWRP version 3.2.3 is out and it features lots of new changes and improvements. One of the best aspects of this Android root tool is the ability to backup and restore data using ADB.

save and extract twrp backup on pc

Android is popular among smartphone users because it allows installation of custom ROMs (customized firmware with added features not available in the stock version) on devices. But before flashing any new ROM it is important to take a backup of your phone. I used to constantly faced this situation where my phone’s storage wasn’t enough to save backup files. And i wished if there was a simpler way to backup all the data directly to my PC.

Well, thanks to the new version of TWRP, it’s lot easier to backup Android to a PC desktop or laptop.

The process may not be as simple for many but it would be straightforward enough if you’re familiar with the ADB commands. Those not well-versed in ADB commands can use the TWRP Backup & Restore Tool to perform the same task in a simplistic way. This tool is small in size and has all the option to create a backup of your phone to your PC.

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  • TWRP Recovery v3.1.0 or Later
  • ADB Drivers
  • USB Debugging Enabled on your Android phone
Download TWRP Backup & Restore Tool

How To Use The TWRP Tool To Make A Backup Of Your Android Phone To PC Windows

1 – Download the latest version of TWRP backup tool from the link above and extract it on your desktop.

2 – In your phone, go to Settings > Developer Options > Debugging and enable Android Debugging.

3 – Connect your phone to your PC via USB cable.

4 – Open TWRP backup tool.exe.

5 – On the welcome screen, press any key to enter the menu.

6 – There are five ways to backup your phone using TWRP tool.

7 – Type the number “1” to select the first option and hit enter key.

8 – When ask to give your backup file a name, either type a name or leave blank to give default name. Then hit enter.

9 – Now to compress the backup file, type “yes” or “y” or type “no” or “n” if you don’t want to compress the backup file. Hit Enter.

10 – Wait as it creates a backup file on your phone. Check the progress on your phone. The backup file will be created in the same folder where you have saved the TWRP Backup Tool on computer.

11 – That’s it. Your device data is now backed up in a folder on PC.

Restore Backup Using The TWRP Backup Tool

1 – Boot your phone into recovery mode.

2 – Open the TWRP Backup tool.

3 – Make sure your Backup file is in the same folder as your TWRP Backup Tool.

4 – In the prompt, select the option “6. Restore” by typing 6 and hit enter.

5 – Next, enter the correct file name when prompted.

6 – Hit Enter key to confirm.

7 – Wait for the process to finish backup restore.

8 – That’s all.

Use TWRP Backup Tool on Mac/Linux

1 – Extract the folder in the zip on your desktop.

2 – Open the Terminal.

3 – Type cd (with space).

4 – Drag and drop the TWRP Backup Tool folder to the terminal.

5 – Hit enter key.

6 – Drag and drop the TWRP Backup Tool file to the terminal.

7- Press enter when done.

That’s all. You now known how to make an Android backup on PC and restore it using TWRP Backup Tool for Windows, Mac and Linux. For further assistance, drop your questions in the comments section below.