Genshin Impact v3.6 Leak Reveals Two New Characters! Learn More Here

After the launch of Genshin Impact 3.5 in March, the focus has moved on to the upcoming big release of the popular role-playing game for PC and mobile. With that, the RPG’s ever-active leaker community shifts into a higher gear to discover nuggets of information about the next Genshin Impact update 3.6 to arrive next month. While some details about the major 4.0 update is already out in the public domain, this doesn’t mean leakers have stopped paying attention to the immediate releases. On this front, we now have information on the content of version 3.6.

genshin impact 3.6 leak

What will please the fans of the title is that the new update 3.6 mainly places emphasis on the two new male characters coming to an already electric roaster.

So let’s talk about the first character, the 5-star Baizhu. Take a look below.

It is pertinent to mention that Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse has not officially shared or confirmed Baizhy characteristics. But from the early preview, apparently he possesses the ability to wield a plant-powered Dendro magic and a catalyst. As leakers claim, Baizhu is capable of healing abilities with mostly performing support character tasks. Another thing to note is Baizhu’s Elemental Burst casts some kind of shield, available in the variety of shapes. Some say that Baizhu comes with more powers than shown in the leak, but beta version nerfs it to a support status.

The second character is the 4-star Kaveh, which you can see in action below.

Again, there is a lack of detailed information about Kaveh at present, but leakers are of the view that he wields claymores coupled with Dendro magic. Kaveh perhaps unleash severe Dendro attacks, maybe acting as a “battery” to build up Dendro energy for other characters to use just in case.

For now, that’s all the information out there about Baizhu and Kaveh. But these leaks remain speculation until official confirmation so take it with a grain of salt. That said, Genshin Impact leakers hold a commendable track record of sharing accurate info, but, of course, the final decision pertaining all the new features and addition rests with the developer.

Talking of the developer, HoYoverse is clamping down hard of leaks to an extent of even requesting California courts to subpoena Twitter and other social media platforms to identify leakers. Whether these efforts would prove fruitful remains a question. And so for now, leaks continue to stream unabated.

Meanwhile, Genshin Impact 3.5 is currently live featuring Dehya and Mika. More details on what’s included in the update are here.

You can play Genshin Impact on PS5, PS4, PC, Android, and iOS devices. Typically, a new Genshin Impact update drops every six weeks, so the next one should arrive on 12 April.