Download TWRP Backup & Restore Tool For Windows 10

Download TWRP Backup and Restore tool for PC for free here. This tool provides a safe way to backup your phone directly to your computer. It is designed by an Android developer named dexbyte. This TWRP backup tool has a flexible user interface that enables users to swiftly sieve through each option. The tool itself runs commands as batch scripts while the process is being executed directly by TWRP custom recovery running on the device. It’s a relatively new tool whose major release you can download from the link below. To learn more about TWRP Backup & Restore tool download and more information, keep on reading.

twrp backup and restore tool pc download

As mentioned above, this tool relies on TWRP, specifically TWRP v3.1.0, So if you don’t have the specific version installed on your device or you have a stock recovery, you would need to install TWRP 3.1.0 on your phone or tablet before proceeding. The latest TWRP backup & restore tool has been linked below to download on Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8 or 8.1, and Windows XP operating systems.

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TWRP Backup & Restore Tool – Features

Here are the best features of this utility.

  • Create Backup Copies Directly to Computer

Now there is no need to first fiddle around with TWRP recovery on your smartphone, create a backup and then transfer that backup to your computer. This tool makes it easy to backup data by cutting unnecessary steps in the process. TWRP recovery and restore tool creates full backup onto your computer while giving you a peace of mind in case you accidentally wipe your device’s storage.

  • Simple UI

The tool’s interface resembles a command line interface but this should not deter non-technical Android device owners from using it. The tool is designed to be easy for anyone to use. A set of options is displayed on the interface from which you can choose the desired option simply by typing the number next that specific command. This saves you the time otherwise required to type in complex commands yourself.

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  • Multi-Functions

You can use TWRP Backup & Restore tool to perform device data backups, reboot your phone into recovery, type boot commands, and much more.

  • Restore Previous Backups

This tool allows you to not only create backup but also to restore them directly from your computer. Once again, saving you the time of copying data to and from your computer and navigating through TWRP. You can do all that in one go.

Download TWRP Backup & Restore Tool [Latest Version]

You can download the latest version of TWRP Backup & Restore tool from the link below. This is tool is compatible with Windows only. Mac and Linux users will have to wait until the developer releases a supported version.

Additional Information – TWRP Backup Tool

To successfully run TWRP Backup tool on a Windows PC, you will need to use right USB drivers for your specific device.

You can use this tool to backup and restore data of AOSP based custom ROMs from your Android device to a desktop or laptop.

Credits: dexbyte

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