How To Fix Graphics Card Error in Windows 10

If your graphics card is not working or showing error message on Windows 10 PC, here is how to update the graphics card to fix it back to working state.

fix graphics display card driver on windows 10

Windows 10, for the most part, works like a charm no matter which GPU, AMD or Nvidia, you use with it. Display resolution on Windows 10 appears better when compared to previous versions of the Windows operating system. Microsoft constantly pushes new features to enable users to easily configure graphics cards on their Windows 10 devices. The default GPU option in the Settings app is one of the recent additions to the platform that puts powerful graphics management tools in the hands of users while keeping it simple for everyone.

That being said, the graphics card can undergo certain issues due to a variety of reasons. One of the main culprits that cause GPUs to stop working or display resolution being below its maximum quality is the outdated graphics card driver. If you know how to upgrade graphics card error in Windows 10, it can spare you headaches later.

In the following guide, you will learn how to fix graphics card error on Windows 10 desktop and laptop devices from within the device management utility.

Fix Graphics Card Error on PC Windows 10

Follow these steps to fix graphics card error in Windows 10 operating system, both Home and Pro editions.

  • Make sure you’re logged in to Windows 10 with your admin account.
  • Press Windows icon + X keyboard shortcut to open a list of quick access to the main system functions and select the Disk Management option.
  • Or right-click on This PC icon and select Manage in contextual menu to open Disk Manager window. Here, click on Disk Management to see a list of options in the left window pane.
  • From the list, double-click on the Display adapter or right-click on it to open a sub-menu.
  • Then, click Update driver software and wait for the process to complete.
  • Once done, restart your desktop or laptop and select the best display resolution for your device.

That’s all. I hope this helped in fixing graphics card error on your PC Windows 10. To know more, send your questions in the comments section below.