How To Install PlayStation And Nintendo N64 Emulator For iOS 11 Without Jailbreak

In the following guide, you’ll learn how to easily download and install PlayStation and Nintendo 64 on iOS 11 devices without computer. You can follow this step-by-step tutorial to install free PS & N64 Games on iOS 11 iPhone or iPad without jailbreak.

install playstation emulator ios 11

So without wasting any time, let’s dig into the process to install PlayStation and N64 Emulator on iOS 11 without PC and no jailbreak required to run games on non-supported platform.

Download and Install PlayStation And Nintendo N64 Emulator On iOS 11 Without Jailbreak And Computer

Step 1 – First of all, go to iOS App Store on your device.

Step 2 – Search ZipApp Free. This is an unarchiving application which can be downloaded on the App Store for free.

Step 3 – Make sure you have the latest updated version of the stock iOS 11 Files application installed on your device.

Step 4 – Now, launch Safari browser on your iOS device and visit and search for Provenance to install it on your device.

Step 5 – Launch Provenance on your device and wait for it to load properly. Close it to the home screen with the app running in the background.

Step 6 – Next, you have to download the correct BIOS for PlayStation. You can do search for this. You need the BIOS for following models: SCPH-5500SCPH-5501, and SCPH-5502.

Step 7 – As the BIOS downloads itself on your device, select the Copy to ZipApp Free app option in Safari mobile browser. Also, select No when prompted to unarchive the file.

Step 8 – Once downloading is complete, select the “i” icon next to each one and select the Rename option.

Step 9 – Now make sure that each file is renamed to all lowercase letters. So, for example, rename SCPH-5501.BIN to scph5501.bin. Rename all three files in lowercase letters.

Step 10 – Next. while remaining in the same interface, hold down each file individually until the contextual menu appears on the screen. Select Open In… and then select the Copy to Provenance option. Repeat this for each of the three files one-by-one.

Step 11 – Close the Provenance app once more, but ensure that it’s still running in the background. After that, open the Files app. Select the On my iPhone option and then tap on Provenance folder.

Step 12 – You will now see an array of files and folders on the interface. Scroll down until you see the “+” icon in top-left and tap to create a new folder. Name this folder com.provenance.psx.

That’s it. Once everything is set and ready, you know where to look for ROMs of PlayStation and N64 games on the internet. It shouldn’t be that hard. Just make sure that while installing the N64 ROM, make sure that you select the Open in Provenance and the emulator will automatically create the necessary folder, like the one created in the method above, which is where you will find all the PS ROMs. And while fetching PlayStation ROMs, get only the ones with “U” in its naming, for example, NTSC-U.

install playstation and n64 emulator ios 11

And that’s all. your emulator should be up and running on iOS device for free. Enjoy PlayStation and N64 games on iOS 11 iPhone or iPad. Don’t forget to share this fun tutorial with friends.

Source: DinoZambas2