Genshin Impact Earns Record-Breaking $1 Billion Within Six Months Since Launch! More Here

Genshin Impact mobile has smashed all sorts of records in its sight since the launch. Media reporting that the role-playing game generating in excess of a billion-dollar in under 180 days of arriving on Android and iOS makes it the most successful launch in mobile game history.

Developer miHoYo Limited took the world by storm when it released free-to-play RPG on mobile platforms. As of now, Genshin Impact stands alone at the top of the revenue summit when it comes to mobile games.

According to Sensor Tower, the mobile app data tracker service, Genshin Impact has crossed a $1 billion figure within just six months of its unveiling. This milestone becomes even more astonishing when considering that the reported number relates to earnings on mobile alone with PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation versions adding further to an already eye-popping total.

What’s more, Genshin has managed to comfortably shatter the previous record held by Pokemon GO, which took nine months to cross $1 billion.

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Breaking down the numbers, on average, Impact is making around $160 million per month via mobile versions on iPhone, iPad, and Android. In March alone, the game has racked up $148 million and counting.

Globally, when it comes to popularity, Genshin still has some ground to cover to catch up to the likes of PUBG Mobile but if you exclude China it’s is currently the number one game worldwide. At present, as a percentage of total mobile players around 30 percent come from mainland China, 27 percent from Japan, and 19 percent from the United States.

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Although Genshin Impact is also out on PS4 and PC it may not be as straightforward to accurately report the actual player count for those platforms. At the time of its launch, Genshin Impact’s download number ranged around 27 million on mobile, 12 million on PC, and 6 million on PS4. Undoubtedly, a lot has changed in terms of download numbers since then, but they hint toward the existence of a sizeable fanbase on PS4 and PC nonetheless. Therefore, the $1 billion coming from mobile represents only one side of the whole picture.

In terms of production value, Genshin Impact gives the impression of AAA titles which when combined with immersive visuals and entertaining gameplay form a perfect gacha game blend offering a winning recipe to generate huge revenue.

That said, excessive monetization can appear a bit exploitative to some, something I expect to remain the same as long as the euphoria surrounding the game stays on an upward trajectory.

Genshin Impact is available on PS4, PC, Android, and iOS platforms. It is expected to arrive on both Nintendo Switch and PS5 soon. You can get the latest version 1.5 of the game right now.

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