3 Reasons Why Windows 10 is the Best OS for Education.

The operating system you use affects how easily your entire classroom and organization can work. Choosing the right system also changes which apps are available, how well the system integrates with the education system, and the features available.

From students who need to be Paper Writing Pros to teachers that need to create slide shows and lesson plans, Windows 10 works well for everyone. The benefits make it a great choice for education—here’s a look at why.

1. Easy To Use

Many educators turn to Windows 10 for their education needs because it is easy for teachers, staff, and students to use. Additionally, it is flexible enough to accommodate preferences in screen style. When you open Windows, all the programs are right there. Cortana, the Windows personal assistant, is also available on Windows 10 models. People who are having trouble navigating or operating can also use the Microsoft help area, which has videos, tutorials, and live representatives to help you with problems.

3 reasons why Windows is best

2. Regular Security Updates

As the Windows OS is a popular choice, it is not uncommon for viruses and other software to be written to target Windows. The best solution is a firewall and good antivirus software. Windows 10 has regular updates to their software that keep security current and stops hackers in their tracks.

Technology is constantly changing. Hackers and program writers generally look for holes in the security system. As Windows is the most common operating system, it is also generally the most targeted. MAC is also a popular target. Of course, there are plenty of additional steps you can take to reduce your risk of being hacked.

3. Wide Range of Compatibility

For a program to run smoothly on a computer, it must be compatible. Programmers may design more than one version of a program depending on the compatibility that they want. However, many programs are only available on certain operating systems. As Windows is one of the most popular operating systems, a lot of programmers design programs for the OS. There is a wide range of programs for MAC and Linux as well. Some programmers design for Mac and Windows, while Linux has open-source versions of compatible software.

Microsoft specifically has tools for students and educators. Technology is a major part and introducing it to students sooner gives them the opportunity to become familiar with it and keep up with the times. Using various programs available on Windows allows students to learn in a new way. This allows teachers to broaden their approach and cater to different learning styles, which means students have a higher chance of success.

Why You Should Choose a Standard Operating System

It is easiest when fellow educators, staff members, and students are all using the same operating system. The OS you choose for your organization affects which apps can be downloaded. Some educators and schools also use plagiarism apps, online libraries, and other tools that are specific to different classes. With a standard OS, educators do not have to worry about if students can access all the tools available to them.

Choosing an OS for your school will make it easier or more difficult for your students and staff to complete their tasks. It is an important decision. While there are many options to choose from, Windows OS has a wide range of compatibility, is easy to use, and regularly provides necessary security updates. Another great feature is that Windows generally allows people with older operating systems to upgrade when new upgrades are available, so you’ll easily have access to the latest technology.