Google Camera Apk v7.0 For Android Download Free [2019 Pixel 4 Stock Camera App]

Here is how to download and install Google Camera 7.0 Apk on any Android device. You can now use the Pixel 4 stock camera app “dogfood” build on any non-Pixel smartphone. Google Camera is arguably the best camera app on any smartphone.

This is an updated version of the ported Pixel 4 camera app leaked this week with many new features and underlying improvements to the algorithm for better photo and video quality.

Since the official Google Camera 7.0 apk download 2019 is available only on the Pixel devices, therefore you have to manually install it on other devices. For that, click on the direct download link below to get Google Camera apk on any Android phone for free.

We have explained the installation process in a step-by-step guide along with instructions on how to use the Night Mode in the latest Google Camera apk app to capture detailed pictures and clips in low lighting conditions.

If the improved Night mode was the crowning feature of the most recent publicly available Google Camera v6.3 Apk then GCam 7.0 apk helps you take photography skills to the next level with Motion Blur, AR Photobooth, Audio Zoom, and more in the latest apk app.

Moreover, in this APK release, Night Sight, and Panorama mode have swapped places. Smart Burst mode is disabled for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

This Google Pixel 4 cracked camera app was leaked online by Hani (@Hani_4K) who obtained the APK from Vietnamese YouTuber ReLab.

gcam 7.0 apk download link free 2019

Google Camera 7.0 Apk File Info:

App Name
File Size 137.25 MB
Latest Version (54372365) arm64-v8a
OS Android 9.0 and up
Developer ReLab
Updated On 13 September 2019
Signatures MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256

GCam 7.0 Apk Main Features:

Here is a list of new features, share in a Reddit post, that are part of Google Camera app 2019 in Pixel 4 handset that now comes bundled inside the version 7.0 apk for any Android device:

  • Motion Blur: Take shots of moving objects in the foreground while blurring the background. Perfect for sporting events.
  • Zero Shutter Lag Night Sight and Astrophotography: Capture the starry sky at night with crystal clear results. Check out a promotional video to see Pixel 4’s Astrophotography capabilities.
  • Live HDR, HDRNet, and Mesh Warping: Apple HDR in real-time to the camera viewfinder. It also automatically retouches photos milliseconds after taking them. Whereas Mesh Warping removes distortions from wide-angle front-facing cameras.
  • Audio Zoom: The app uses the smartphone microphone to focus in on the main source of audio as the camera zooms in.
  • Dynamic Depth Format Support: Google’s new Dynamic Depth Format (DDF), introduced in Android 10, refers to the file format that contains the depth data for photos, allowing apps to use the data to change the blur in post-processing without touching the original image.
  • Photobooth Integration with Playground AR Stickers: Photobooth 2019 automatically takes photos when it detects smiling or funny faces in the frame. This app update might possibly introduce Photobooth integration with expressive and interactive Playground (previously called AR Stickers).
  • Measure Mode, Rewind Mode, and “Rocky”: Augmented reality app called Measure might become part of the Google Camera 2019 app.

The latest camera configuration suggests the following features:

  • The Google Pixel 4 supports Audio Zoom
  • The Google Pixel 4 supports saving depth data using the new Dynamic Depth Format (DDF)
  • The Pixel 4 has a telephoto lens (a finding that has been corroborated numerous times.)
  • The devices support longer exposure times in Night Sight.
  • The devices support the HDRNet algorithm.
  • Google Lens suggestions can detect and recommend document scanning (there is indeed a string for a new “scan document” suggestion chip.)

GCam 7.0 Apk Screenshots:

These are screenshots of GCam 7.0 extracted from the Google Pixel 4 and running on Pixel 2 XL phone.

gcam 7.0 apk screenshot gcam 7.0 apk app screenshot

Google Camera 7.0 Apk App Interface:

According to an XDA member, Mishaal Rahman, following are the changes he observed in the Google Camera Apk version 7.0 app interface:

  • The camera modes are now located underneath the camera switch, shutter, and gallery buttons. The camera switch icon is enclosed in a circle to match the shape of the other two buttons. The entire bottom part of the camera interface, except for the gesture navigation area and a small area above it, floats on top of the viewfinder (when taking 16:9 photos), giving you more room to see what you’re capturing. The corners of the viewfinder are also rounded to match the rounded corners of the display. 16:9 is called “Full View” and is the default, but you can still change to the old 4:3 view. Like version 6.3 and before, you can still swipe left or right on the viewfinder to switch between camera modes.
  • The top bar that previously contained options like the timer, Motion Photos, and flash, has been replaced with a box that pops up in the middle of the viewfinder. This box is hidden by default until you either tap on the dropdown arrow or you swipe down anywhere on the viewfinder. The camera options that appear in this box depend on what camera mode you’re currently using. For example, the portrait mode options include face retouching and selfie illumination while the panorama mode includes an option to toggle audio recording. Lastly, the General Settings can be accessed from the settings box of any camera mode page rather than in the “More” tab.
  • Night Sight has added a new “Infinity” focus option, which likely aids in astrophotography for the Google Pixel 4. Previously, there were 3 Night Sight focus level options: Autofocus, Near, and Far. According to Google, “Near” focuses at about 4 feet while “Far” focuses at about 12 feet.
  • The zoom and exposure sliders have been tweaked to be smoother. The zoom slider now tells you the zoom level while the exposure slider no longer tells you the level.
  • Long-pressing the shutter button in the Camera mode starts recording a video for as long as you hold the shutter button. Videos recorded in this way are saved in 720p resolution. This replaces the Smart Burst functionality.
  • Suggestions have been added to the Time Lapse mode to help users decide which speed to use. 5x is described as “good for lively groups,” 10x as “good for walking,” 30x as “good for busy spots,” and 120x as “good for sunsets.”
  • A new horizon leveling circle has been added so you can straighten your phone.
  • Photobooth on the Pixel 3 is no longer its own mode. Rather, you’ll have to switch to the selfie camera and then choose the “auto” timer option.

GCam 7.0 Settings Menu

gcam 7.0 apk settings menu

Download More:

Download Google Camera 7.0 Apk App For Android [2019]:

Click on the APKMirror link below to download fully working GCam v7.0 Apk to install on any compatible Android mobile.


GCam 7.0 Apk Installation Requirements

The official gcam app available on Google Play Store requires:

  • The latest version of Google Camera only works on Pixel phones on Android 9.0.0 and above. Some features are not available on all devices.

For Google Camera 7.0 apk download on all Android devices, make sure your handset meets the following requirements:

  • Android-powered handset.
  • Android 8.0 Oreo, Android 9.0 Pie or higher.
  • Snapdragon or Exynos variant of Galaxy smartphones also supported.

Upon installation, you will be prompted to allow following permissions for Google Camera apk app 2019 to work on your handheld device:


  • Camera: Required in order to capture pictures and videos.
  • Microphone: Required in order to record audio with every video.
  • Storage: Required in order to save picture and videos.
  • Location: Required if you would like to record location information with your pictures and videos.

Install Google Camera 7.0 Apk On Android Devices [Step-by-Step Guide]

Here are the steps to install GCam Apk latest version:

Step 1 – Download Google Camera 7.0 APK from the link above and save it on your smartphone.

Step 2 – Now head over to the location where you saved the Apk file and tap the Install button.

Step 3 – Follow on-screen instructions to install the app and wait for all the associated files to load properly.

Step 4 – Go to the app drawer, and tap on the app’s icon to launch it.

That’s it. You have successfully installed the Google Camera app 2019 on your Android smartphone. Go ahead and start shooting photos and record videos with probably the best smartphone camera app currently available in the market.