Fix Scrolling Not Working In Google Chrome

Google Chrome users having issues scrolling while surfing the internet can refer to the solutions in this article. We are going to share several useful tips and tricks to fix scrolling not working in Google Chrome on desktop, laptop or tablet.

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser on PC. Scrolling is common while surfing websites. Moving up and down on web pages is part and parcel of the online experience. That said, it is also likely that scrolling is not working properly in chrome issue could occur unexpectedly. If you’re facing this problem and want to know how to fix it? This post is for you.

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This problem is not limited to Chrome, it may appear in other browsers and programs. In some instances, your mouse device may have some problem causing scrolling issues. Try using the mouse in other programs and apps to see if it is working. If there is no issue with the mouse, then there is a cause for concern. It signals that maybe something not right with your web browser.

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How To Fix Scrolling Not Working In Google Chrome

There are multiple options available to fix the scrolling problem in Google Chrome to get it back to working condition. Follow these solutions one by one until you find the solution which works on your device.

1 – Restart Your Device

As with any problem on a computer, try restarting your device. This helps your PC to refresh its processes and put everything back in order. So a simple restart can fix scrolling issue on chrome.

2 – Chrome Cleaner

Users who frequently encounter scrolling issue may also experience kill pages problems in google chrome. Sometimes a third-party extension or service may cause this issue. What you can do is download chrome cleanup tool and run it on your PC. It detects and wipes out culprits to resolve chrome not scrolling issue.

3 – Disable Extensions

There is no denying that extensions help elevate browsing experience. But they also consume more resources that could ruin your browsing session. You will find various browsing extension in chrome. Not all of them are from reputable developers, some have a dubious reputation. So to fix scrolling not working issue in the Chrome web browser, you can browse in incognito mode. See if scrolling comes back to normal or not. If it’s working again, disable all browser extensions and browse to check what happens. You can disable extensions one by one until you find the main culprit and delete that one.

4 – Change Chrome Settings

The above three steps don’t require technical know-how. If all of them fail to address the scrolling up and down in google chrome, here are some advanced solutions. First, let’s see if making changes in the settings bears any fruit.

  • Open google chrome browser.
  • Type chrome://flags/ in the chrome address bar and hit enter.
  • Press CTRL + F keyboard shortcut, type scroll and hit enter to open scroll related options.
  • See default settings and enable or disable to find out if it works.

Hopefully, this helped to fix scroll not working problem in chrome.

5 – Reset Chrome

Reset brings all the browser settings back to default as well as clears all browsing data and cookies in google chrome. This helps to resolve chrome problems like scrolling not working. Here are the steps:

  • Open chrome settings or type chorme://settings/ in the address bar and hit enter.
  • Click on show advanced settings.
  • Click on Reset settings.
  • Reopen Chrome browser and see if scrolling is back to normal
6 – Reinstall Chrome

If nothing else works, reinstalling google chrome is the solution of last resort. Many users have reported on Google Chrome Help Forum that their problem got fixed by a simple re-installation.


So these are the working solution to fix google chrome scrolling issue. If none of these work, try new Chrome Canary web browser. The experimental browser is still in beta testing stage but has latest features and may not contain the same problem. Sometimes, the latest Chrome update may bring new bugs along with fixes to the older bugs. So if scrolling is a known issue, you can wait until the next update arrives with the official fix.

I hope the above guide helped in getting rid of scroll problems. If you know of any other solution, share in the comments section below.