Download Pixel Live Wallpaper APK For Android [December 2020]

Here download and install pixel live wallpaper apk on any Android device to grab the latest live wallpapers from the official Google Pixel 5 smartphones in 2020. The Pixel 5 handset is not out yet but that hasn’t stopped developers to extract images for anyone who doesn’t own Google Pixel mobile phone. Download Pixel Live wallpapers in a zip file shared in the direct link below. But first, let take a look at the highly anticipated Google flagship handheld device.

pixel live wallpaper

Google Pixel 5 Description:

Google‘s Pixel 5 is slated to be the best mobile from the search engine giant, according to those lucky enough to get the early testing review units. While the device may not feature the top of the line Qualcomm Snapdragon 800-series processor, making it the first Pixel premium phone to not have a flagship SoC as the main processing power source, it still comes packed with enough firepower to make up in other departments.

pixel live wallpaper apk

Pixel phones are already known for their camera prowess, the sharp 90Hz display in a modern form factor, and the Snapdragon 765G believing excellent performance for a decent price. You can find out more on Google Pixel 5 forums.

Back to our main topic of discussion here. If you cannot afford the Pixel 5 for now, but still want some of its exclusive features, XDA developer Pranav Pandey has managed to port the all-new live wallpapers for use on other Android smartphones.

pixel live wallpapers download

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Download Pixel Live Wallpapers:

Any device running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher is compatible with the Google Pixel 5 live wallpaper ported from the official source code.

The live wallpaper bundle includes two background images you can set as the default home screen wallpaper: Moving Shadows and Stepping Stones.

Both of these wallpapers are available in four different variants.

pixel live wallpapers

The is a hint of a third live wallpaper named Conveyor Belt, but unfortunately, it’s not available to download yet. Only a preview is uploaded here so stay tuned to get the official image.

Download Links:

You can use these Pixel Live wallpapers and other smartphone wallpaper images on any handset running compatible Android firmware for free. Find more in our wallpapers section.

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