How To Fix File History OneDrive Backup Not Working On Windows 10

When you run File History for OneDrive Backup it usually works without issue. But what if OneDrive backup doesn’t go through using File History? Well, in this case, you need to turn off this feature to get it back to work on Windows 10.

File History is a useful feature to automatically back up your personal files on Windows 10 devices. However, when you attempt to sync documents such as files, photos, videos, and other content across devices, as some have reported, the OneDrive folder may not back up when you use the tool.

The main problem is not with the OneDrive or File History as such, instead ever since the introduction of the File On-Demand feature to assist users to save disk space, File History passes over the OneDrive folder as it deduces that all your files are already saved in the cloud.

onedrive backup on windows 10 file history

OneDrive files reside in the cloud by default, but if you want to have a separate backup of your cloud files, simply turn off the Files On-Demand feature. A note of caution though that when you disable Files On-Demand, all your files sync to your device.

In this tutorial, see the instructions to create a backup of OneDrive folder on File History for Windows 10.

Sync OneDrive on File History (Windows 10)

To sync your OneDrive folder and its content on File History, here are the steps to disable the Files On-Demand features:

  • Launch OneDrive on your Windows 10 device.
  • Right-click on OneDrive icon in the taskbar and click the More button.
  • Select Settings in the context menu.

onedrive settings

  • Now on Microsoft OneDrive dialogue box, click the Settings tab.
  • Under the section which says “Files On-Demand”, untick/uncheck the Save space and download files as you use them.

disable files on demand to enable file history backup

  • Hit the OK button.

Once all the above steps are properly implemented, the File History backup for OneDrive folder will enable when you run it the next time. You can now start syncing OneDrive files and folders to File HIstory on Windows 10.

Also, after the syncing of your OneDrive files is complete on your device, you can head over to Settings>Update & Security>Backup>More and click the Back up now button under the Overview section to ensure that OneDrive files are getting backed up on the File History immediately.

This works on any device, just make sure to disable Files On-Demand in order to sync and backup cloud files.