Apex Legends Grand Soirée Event With Seven Limited-Time Modes Announced

Apex Legends new event for January 2020 is here. Electronic Arts in partnership with Respawn Entertainment has announced the new Grand Soirée event along with Art Deco Cosmetics. This a limited-time event so hurry up and install Apex Legends on your Android mobile or PC Windows before its too late.

The latest Apex Legends update brings a new theme based on the Roaring Twenties era. The Pathfinder is the main character that runs the show this time around.

Apex Legends 2020 starts with a grand opening that features seven new game modes. These are accompanied by a menagerie of cosmetics that take their inspiration from Art Deco aesthetics.

apex legends grand event jan 2020

Apex Legends January 2020 Events:

The new event marks the end of the holiday theme “Holo-Day Bash” event.

You are cordially invited to two weeks of refined mayhem. We are pleased to offer fresh game modes every two days, from golden oldies to exotic new additions. Partake in a rollicking event prize track, earn exquisite rewards, and peruse the event shop for an array of Art Deco inspired cosmetics and outfits. Dress code: Formal Skins.

The event kick-started on 14 January and runs up to January 28.

Apex Legends Twitter Announcement:

The official Twitter account of Apex Legend – Battle Royale has announced the beginning of the new event.

Apex Legends Seven New Modes For January 2020 Event:

This Apex Legends event has an arcade-style that players can enjoy in seven different limited-time game modes. A different mode will be unlocked every two days throughout January. These game modes consist of three previous hits as well as four new ones.

  1. Gold Rush Duos (Jan 14-15) – gold weapons only with two players per team
  2. Live.Die.Live (Jan 16-17) – downed players automatically respawn on teammates at the end of each round
  3. Third-Person Mode (Jan 18-19) – same old battle royale but from the third-person perspective previously referenced in an easter egg hidden within the game’s updated Training mode
  4. Always Be Closing (Jan 20-21) – the ring keeps moving without pause
  5. Armed and Dangerous on World’s Edge (Jan 22-23) – snipers and shotguns only on the current default map
  6. King’s Canyon After Dark (Jan 24-25) – the night-time variant of the original map returns once again
  7. DUMMIES Big Day (Jan 26-28) – the event’s press release doesn’t let on much about this mode but it seems to be a test of the AI built into another Training mode easter egg

Each challenge is redesigned into a battlepass consisting of a “prize track system” in which players gain extra point rewards to boost up their rankings. Every single mode is packed with three unique challenges giving players an opportunity to earn quick points.

apex legends seven new modes 2020

The event seems to be a testing phase for Respawn. The studio might want to test new concepts in real-game-environment with its player-base before incorporating them as the new season approaches.

Apex Legends New Event Trailer: