Download Pixel 8a Stock Wallpapers [5+ Official Images]

Here Pixel 8a stock wallpapers are free to download on any Android device or iPhone. Despite Google‘s best efforts to keep the new smartphone tightly under wraps, the leaks keep appearing online. Previously, the leaked images showcasing the phone showed up on the internet before any official confirmation from the search engine giant. Sooner or later, the mobile handset is expected to arrive in select markets. But for now, we have access to all the official wallpapers of the Google Pixel 8a phone, giving us a preview of the essence of the new handsets.

pixel 8a wallpapers

Download Official Google Pixel 8a Wallpapers Here

The Pixel 8a wallpapers provide us a glimpse that Google is going to stick with a distinct style to differentiate its smartphones from other rival products. Moreover, these background images are available in both dark and light modes. So you don’t have to worry about color scheme mismatching with other elements on your home screen interface. You can download all the wallpapers below.

p23a-emerald-light-1308x1456 p23a-emerald-dark-1308x1456 p23a-sky-light-1308x1456 p23a-sky-dark-1308x1456 p23a-licorice-light-1308x1456 p23a-licorice-dark-1308x1456

These Pixel 8a wallpapers are called Hematite, Titanite, and Barite. According to the source, we might have a possibility of having Porcelain wallpapers in both dark and light gradients as well, but those are not included in this bundle.

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Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation related to the launch of the Pixel 8a smartphone as of yet. The phone will probably become available for sale sometime next year. In terms of design, we presume it will boast a more rounded design compared to its higher-end model.

Furthermore, the underclocked Tensor G3 will power the device, which should equip the phone with some generative AI features. But for now, we don’t have enough information regarding the capability of these features.

Source: SmartPrix, Kamila Wojciechowska