Download Stunning 12 Pixel ‘Community Lens’ Wallpapers Here

Here download the 12 new Pixel ‘Community Lens’ wallpapers to set as your smartphone home screen background image. Google is one of the few big tech companies that actively tries to serve its community with various offers and packages. One of these attractions is a Community Lens collection of wallpapers containing images that professional photographers shoot at various locations across the globe, and the search engine giant has just added 12 new wallpaper images for this year.

In October 2021, Google released 18 community Lens wallpapers. Afterward, it updated the collection to mark the launch of Pixel 7, and now we have the Pixel 8 series out. With that, the company has also added 12 new wallpapers for 2023.

Here Get Google Pixel Community Lens Wallpapers

Pixel-Community-Lens-wallpapers-2023-1-1456x1213 Pixel-Community-Lens-wallpapers-2023-2-1456x1213 Pixel-Community-Lens-wallpapers-2023-3-1456x1213 Pixel-Community-Lens-wallpapers-2023-4-1456x1213 Pixel-Community-Lens-wallpapers-2023-6-1456x1213 Pixel-Community-Lens-wallpapers-2023-5-1456x1213 Pixel-Community-Lens-wallpapers-2023-7-1456x1213 Pixel-Community-Lens-wallpapers-2023-8-1456x1213 Pixel-Community-Lens-wallpapers-2023-10-1456x1213 Pixel-Community-Lens-wallpapers-2023-9-1456x1213 Pixel-Community-Lens-wallpapers-2023-11-1456x1213 Pixel-Community-Lens-wallpapers-2023-12-1456x1213

Here is a brief overview of the above wallpapers that Google has added along with their description to give you a better understanding of the context:

  • Floating Himalayas: The Himalayas photographed at sunrise from the Roof of the World, Tibetan Plateau. Photo by Christy Y. Liao.
  • Kenai Fjords glacier: A glacier photographed at Kenai Fjords National Park. Photo by Xu Zeng.
  • Beach storm: A storm at sunset in Port Aransas, Texas. Photo by Keith Howard.
  • Furchetta sunrise: Sunrise at Furchetta in South Tyrol, Italy. Photo by Selim Cinek.
  • Death Valley: A morning hike in Death Valley, California. Photo by Justin Forte.
  • Lily of Hope: A close-up view of alstroemeria (Peruvian lily). Photo by Jeffrey Neo.
  • Low fog: A foggy view of San Francisco from Mount Tamalpais. Photo by Jingyu Wu.
  • Winter desert: An aerial view of the southern Arizona desert. Photo by Keith Howard.
  • Tunnel View Sunrise: Sunrise at Yosemite National Park. Photo by Antariksh Bothale.
  • Twilight clouds: Clouds photographed during the blue hour. Photo by Yuzhe Chen.
  • Arctic symphony: Icebergs and the Northern Lights in western Greenland. Photo by Wojtek Rygielski.
  • Above the mist: A misty view from King’s Trail in northern Sweden. Photo by Wojtek Rygielski.

Google rarely updates these community wallpapers, but when it does they are often visually captivating. If you’re not a Pixel user, you can click on any of your favorite wallpaper above to download the images directly on to your device for free.