Download EMUI 9 Official Stock Wallpapers

Here we have managed to bring all the official EMUI 9 Wallpapers for you to download free on any Android device or iPhone. You can download EMUI 9 Stock Wallpapers in Full HD+ 2160 x 2340 resolution. Continue reading to get 8 Wallpapers available as stock images in the EMUI 9 firmware for Huawei phones.

EMUI 9 is Huawei’s the latest stock firmware which comes with a custom skin on top of Android. All Huawei smartphones feature Android-based EMUI firmware featuring exclusive set of apps and features. Huawei and Honor phones ship with this operating system. Huawei was one of the early adopters to embrace the trend of releasing smartphones running on customized skins over the original AOSP Android. Xiaomi (MIUI) is another example of a popular customized firmware on the Android side. Huawei custom skins aren’t well received out of China. But the company keeps persisting with it on grounds that it aims to make the switch easier for those moving from the iPhone side, which is why the interface so closely resembles iOS.

emui 9 wallpapers

Huawei is among the best smartphone selling companies in the world. It designs durable handsets with decent hardware to ensure stable performance over a long period of time. Wallpaper is one of the many areas the company has improved in recent years. So we have brought for you the latest EMUI 9 Stock Wallpapers below.

EMUI 9 Stock Wallpapers (8 Full HD+ Images)

The official EMUI 9 firmware features 8 wallpapers. All stock images have a 2160 x 2340 resolution that looks great when applied as the screen background. If your phone has a Quad HD display, get EMUI 9 Wallpapers to take full advantage of the display quality.