How To Get Acestream For Mac [Updated 2018]

You can finally download and install Acestream for Mac to watch live streams in HD and 4K (where available). In this guide, you’ll learn how to run acestream on Mac. With Acestream, you can watch football stream on Mac. AceStream Mac and how to install AceStream on your Mac step by step guide takes you through the installation process. You can download Acestream for mac using Soda Player or using a new version of Acestream for mac available in the link below.

acestream app for mac

What’s AceStream?

AceStream is a simple to use media platform. It provides an avenue to gain access to high quality multimedia content on the internet. AceStream is basically a collection of sports channels. It shows live video broadcast with minimum buffering. Acestream is originally designed for Windows powered computers, so it’s not as straightforward to run it on Mac OS devices. We will try to explain a simple method on how to install AceStream on mac.

ACEStream multimedia player uses BitTorrent protocol to play HD streaming and videos. It is capable of fetching video from several sources, syncs it with external audio, and adds subtitles where applicable. It allows users to add watermarks, logo and record frames.

ACEStream supports most of the popular audio and video formats, including MP3, AVI, FLAC, FLV, WAV, MKV and DVD. There is no need to have separate codecs installed to stream videos.

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You will find plenty of workarounds on the internet explaining all sorts of method to Watch AceStream on Mac but most of them are outdated or don’t work at all. So if you want to get Acestream for mac to stream videos in high quality, even in HD format, this guide will help you to through the steps.

The tutorial works to install the official AceStream application on all version of MacOS (not yet tested on all version). It is already available on Windows platform. So here are two ways to watch and run Acestream on MacOS.

How To Install AceStream On Mac Using Soda Player

1 – Download and install the official Soda Player app on your Mac.

2 – Once installed, open the browser and visit any football streaming site. Select the match you want to watch on the AceStream player.

3 – A new page will open containing all the streaming links to watch the match. Select your preferred link.

4 – Right-click on the AceStream button and copy link address. Or click on the acestream link to open it in a new tab and copy it from the URL box. You can also save the copied link to the clipboard.

5 – Now open the Soda Player application on your Mac.

6 – On the home screen, click on Open an AceStream link button.

7 – A new box will show up on the screen. Paste the URL of the stream in the box and click on Open.

8 – Wait as the stream loads and buffers. When its running for the first time, it may prompt you to download some addons. If so, download and wait for them to install. After the first time setup requirements, streams should open quickly thereafter.

acestream soda player

That’s it. Stream will start and run at high quality without buffering. If your stream doesn’t stabilize after a few minutes, try an alternative link and use it by following the above steps.

However, recently due to privacy concerns with using Sodaplayer, people are looking for an alternative method to get Acestream for Mac. Here are the steps to get a new version of Acestream on mac without privacy issues.

How To Install Acestream Mac (New Version) To Live Stream Videos

This Acestream build is shared by a Reddit user /u/GreatBusinessman and the link is shared below.

1 – First of all, download Acestream from this link:

2 – Once downloaded, copy it to your Applications folder on Mac.

3 – When running it for the first time, right-click or CTRL click it and then click Open.

4 – It may takes some time to open on first run. So be patient.

5 – Now to find your Acestream stream ID, copy a string of characters, as shown in the image below.

acestream copy code

6 – Now launch the Acestream app and paste the copied characters.


acestream copy characters

7 – When done, click Play and wait for the stream to load and buffer.

acestream mac guide

So in this post, you learned how to install acestream on mac using soda player and using a new alternative link for the updated version. You can now watch your favorite football and live sports shows on a Mac computer using Acestream media player. Although Acestream was initially release for Kodi as a plugin, here we have explained how it can be used on Mac. Hopefully this helped you to run acestream on mac. You can send your questions in the comments below for more.

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