Microsoft Edge Chromium Download For PC Windows 10 And Mac [2020 Full Free Version]

Here is the Edge Chromium Download of Microsoft’s Edge web browser 2020 based on the Chromium engine for Windows 10 and macOS devices. Microsoft Edge Chromium brings revamped Edge browser with the new interface, faster webpage loading, support for Google Chrome extensions, and much more including familiar features such as dark mode. See the download link below.

This is the Microsoft Edge Chromium final version that anyone with a compatible machine can install on their device for free. The Edge Chromium 2020 browser works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows8, Windows 7, macOS, iOS and Android.

The adblocking and YouTube loading issues have been resolved in this new iteration of the Edge web browser.

After months of testing, the tech giant has finally rolled out the new version of Microsoft Edge designed using Google Chromium engine, which provides better security, improved speed, as well as a bigger library of extensions and websites.

Developers no longer have to adjust their websites separately to run on both Chrome and the Edge browser. In addition to sharing similar design patterns with Google Chrome, the company has included its design language and features into the legacy browser that in some cases arguably works better than Chrome.

The learning curve is reduced due to the legacy versions of Chrome or Edge offering similar experiences many are already familiar with in the previous versions.

edge chromium download official browser 2020

Edge Chromium Main Features:

Here is a brief summary of some of the old features carried over to this version:

  • Similar layout to the legacy version of Microsoft Edge
  • Open/close tabs
  • Menus and tabs work like in the previous version minus the “Set Aside” feature
  • Support to install Chrome extensions

Switch profiles

One new change to the menu section is the inclusion of a profile button to manage settings and quickly switch profiles.

edge chromium change profile

Edge Chromium Settings

The Microsoft Edge settings menu is where you will notice a different layout to the one you might be accustomed to in the Chrome browser. Instead of a flyout pane of Chrome, the settings page has a larger full-page layout in the left pane.

edge chromium settings menu

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Google Chrome Extensions Support

The Microsoft Edge 2020 version brings full support for extensions from Microsoft Store as well as the ability to download extensions from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Moreover, you can also install websites as native apps on Windows 10.

Here is a summary of all the new changes coming your way in the Edge chromium 2020:

  • New rendering engine based on Google Chrome
  • New interface
  • Web app support
  • New log
  • The full and final version
  • Tracking prevention for online security.
  • New tab experience
  • More customization options
  • Light and dark theme
  • Link your Microsoft account to auto-sync your information across multiple devices

However, this being the first release, don’t expect across device syncing of open tabs, extensions, history, and collections just yet. Coming updates will surely bring this into the fold.

Download Microsoft Edge Chromium 2020 (Full Version):

Click on the link below to download the Edge Chromium web browser for free.

If you’re a smartphone user, the official page has download links to install Edge Chromium for Android and iOS devices.

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