How To Make Group Calls In WhatsApp For iPhone & Android

WhatsApp now allows users to make group calls to contacts. Facebook-owned WhatsApp communication application brings a new group audio and video calling feature for Android and iPhone users. This pits WhatsApp directly in competition to Skype which until now had been the preferred choice of users for group calling on mobile and PC platforms. Multiple participants can connect via audio or video links to talk to each other at the same. In this tutorial, you will learn the similar steps to activate this new group calling feature on WhatsApp. The instructions explained below will allow you to make group calls on WhatsApp from your iPhone or Android smartphone.

group calling whatsapp

Facebook has left Apple behind in introducing the group video calling feature to its primary communication platform. Apple has announced that it is bringing the similar functionality to FaceTime but it won’t be available until the iOS 12 and macOS Mojave 10.14 are publicly rolled out.

So to get ahead of its rival, the team behind the world biggest instant messaging application has quickly responded by introducing this new functionality that allows users to make a group call in WhatsApp. So without waiting further, here are the steps to enable group audio and video calls in WhatsApp.

Enable Group Voice Call in WhatsApp

To begin with, launch WhatsApp on your device. Enter into the conversation with an individual you’d like to voice call and tap on the voice call button.

Once the recipient picks up the call, tap on the + button at the top right corner of the interface. This will allow you to add new participants to the voice call.

group call button whatsapp

Enable Group Video Call in WhatsApp

In case of group video calling, WhatsApp has slotted in this feature in the conversation interface where you just have to initiate a contact with a person via video call.

Then, tap on the video call button in the top navigation bar of the chat interface. This will invoke a video call. Once done, tap on the + button to bring up an interface from where you can add a third person to the call. Simply repeat the process to add more contacts.

That’s all. You now know how to make a voice or video group call on WhatsApp with multiple participants. Now accomplish more by communicating with multiple users at the same time.

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