How To Add Chrome & Firefox Activities In Windows 10 Timeline

Timeline is the new Windows 10 feature introduced in the update version 1803. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add Chrome or Firefox to Timeline on Windows 10 in order to easily access or keep track of websites, pages and other online activities. As a user of Chrome or Firefox, you can now integrate the extension of these web browsers to the Windows 10 Timeline.

windows 10 timeline

This feature made its way into the Windows 10 experience starting with version 1803 April 2018 update. It basically acts as an extension of Task View through which you can resume activities, including browsing, accessing documents and apps, and other tasks that you were working previously.

However, the new Timeline feature is restricted in its scope since it works mainly with the Windows 10 systems apps such as File Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and office documents. It’s developers choice whether they want to integrate this feature into their apps.

So using this opportunity, the developer at SoundByte has created a useful extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that supports Timeline. Two most popular web browsers now work with the Timeline feature on Windows 10.

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So in the following step by step guide, you will learn how to use Windows Timeline Support extension to show third-party web browsers activities in Timeline.

How to Show Chrome and Firefox Activities in Timeline

Here is what you have to do to see your Chrome or Firefox activities in Windows 10 Timeline.

1 – Click on the one-click installation button to add the “Windows Timeline Support” extension on Chrome or Firefox.

2 – Click the extension icon in the address bar.

3 – Click the Sign in with your Microsoft Account option.

windows timeline support extension

4 – Sign in using your Microsoft account that you use to login to Windows 10.

5 – Click Yes button to allow the extension access to your account information.

That’s it. Once all steps are completed, you will now see the Chrome or Firefox activities in Timeline.

Once enabled, you can push open tabs to other devices. For this, click the extension icon in the address, then click the open this page on another device, and select the computer you want to send the webpage. The website or page will open automatically on the web browser that’s currently running on the remote device.