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Apple has finally updated its MacBook Air after years of neglecting its iconic laptop. This 2018 MacBook Air features a revamped look bringing it closer to MacBook Pro lineup in terms of the design. Today we are going to be sharing the MacBook Air 2018 Wallpapers in full HD+ resolution. You can download the MacBook Air stock wallpapers for smartphones down below.

macbook air 2018 stock wall

Apple made ultrabooks mainstream when it announced the first ever MacBook Air back in 2008. It remained Apple’s best selling laptop for a long time and has served as a design inspiration for other laptop brands over the years. However, Apple, for some strange reason, pushed the Air laptop at the back as the company stopped updating it after 2015. Apple has at long last brought MacBook Air back to relevance with its latest 2018 refresh.

MacBook Air 2018

Latest MacBook Air 2018 laptop has a build quality similar to the Pro lineup while keeping its famous wedge shape. The device is powered by the new Intel 8th generation CPUs. Improvements to the display bring the slimmer laptop model in tune to the modern times. Audio and video quality is better than what we are used to in previous MacBook Air models. Significant changes to the internal and external of the device make it a decent entry-level MacBook laptop.

Fast and secure Touch-ID for unlocking the laptop comes to the 2018 iteration of the MacBook Air. Apple’s legacy T2 chip is also present which control Siri, Biometric, and other basic tasks while providing extra security against data breaches. The divisive third-generation butterfly keyboard, which is better than previous two keyboard models, is better able to resist dust and debris from sneaking under the keys and making them get stuck. The trackpad is larger than the one on previous Air laptops.

Latest macOS delivers fast performance. Fully optimized operating system means the device can handle some of the heavy applications without slowing down. It has 2 USB-C ports that support Thunderbolt 3 through which external GPUs and displays can be connected. The 3.5mm headphone is also accounted for.

Apple has released the laptop with a pack of wallpapers that really show off on the improved retina display.

MacBook Air 2018 Wallpapers

Apple has bundled in 4 stock wallpapers in its MacBook Air 2018. You can download them by clicking on their images below. Save these wallpapers directly onto your Android device or iPhone and use them as the main background image. The wallpaper resolution is 1242 x 2688 pixels.

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