AppSync Unified Jailbreak IPA For iOS 16 / 16.2 [Download Link]

Here download AppSync Unified IPA file for iPhone running iOS 16 and iOS 16.2 jailbreak. A new version of AppSync Unified jailbreak tweaks is now available. Here is more on it.

iOS jailbreaking may be a thing of the past, but there is still a segment of iOS users who are keen on liberating their devices from the restrictions on the use of the firmware imposed by Apple.

appsync unified download ipa

You can now install unsigned apps on compatible iPhones running iOS 16 through iOS 16.2. This has become possible due to an updated version of AppSync Unified jailbreak tweak.

While the main aim of the latest version is to extend support for iOS 15 through iOS 16.2, there are some helpful additions. Developers have improved critical aspects of their tool to make it work seamlessly on newer firmware and iPhones.

For those interested, here a changelog enlisting key points to consider before taking the tool for a ride.

Added full support for iOS 15.0 〜 16.2.

Added support for the SignerType key to ASU’s fake codesigning info dictionary, which is required by iOS 15 and above in order to successfully install fakesigned applications.

AppSync Unified now declares all fakesigned apps as originating from the App Store.

Made multiple improvements to the package installation flow. The CFUserNotification now no longer blocks the main thread, and is now only ever shown if the user is installing the package from an actual APT GUI frontend that implements the ${CYDIA} environment variable (such as Cydia, Zebra, or Sileo).

Changed package ID to ai.akemi.appsyncunified.

appsync unified ipa

In short, the Appsync Unified jailbreak tweaks “allows users to freely install ad-hoc signed, fakesigned, or unsigned IPA app packages on their iOS devices that iOS would otherwise consider invalid.” In addition, apps not available from the App Store may also feature in this release besides the ability to clone or downgrade apps already installed on your device.

You can download the updated AppSync Unified from the official source linked here. Enjoy!