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BlueStacks App Player takes another step forward toward making it simple to run mobile games natively on Steam. BlueStacks Inside is the latest project from the creators of BlueStacks. There are many Android Emulators to use mobile apps on computers and play games designed for smartphones on a desktop or laptop. But BlueStacks remains the gold standard to beat.

Developers of Android Emulator BlueStacks in collaboration with PC gaming platforms have announced BlueStacks Inside, which is a program to allow game developers to release their games on Steam.

bluestacks inside for pc

What’s BlueStacks Inside?

BlueStacks Inside opens a window for mobile game developers to showcase their creations to an audience on Steam and Discord platforms. BlueStacks CEO, Rosen Sharma, in a statement to VentureBeat said:

What we see is that the BlueStacks and Steam audiences overlap almost completely. So the partnership gives gamers access to the entire Android gaming library right on their PCs. We eliminate the need for separate development teams just to bring mobile games to a PC audience. When published with BlueStacks, a player downloading the game through Steam gets the full game experience. It isn’t BlueStacks. It isn’t Steam. It’s a PC game.

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BlueStacks Inside Features:

BlueStacks Inside for Steam acts as a conduit between developers and players through which creators can access a range of features including promotions, Steam Community Hub, collections, and curators, to market their new and upcoming game titles.

Steam Wallet’s secure payment processing method gives developers a direct route to manage transactions without having to rely on third-party solutions.

Creators can directly target their products to a massive audience on Steam thereby reducing the extra cost usually reserved for marketing purposes.

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bluestacks inside

Download BlueStacks Inside For PC And Laptop:

BlueStacks Inside is currently in the soft launch stage (we will update the download link below as soon as the official public version comes out).


For now, only selected partners have access to the tool. Big mobile developers will team up with Bluestacks rather than spend resources on creating full PC ports.

Wrap Up:

Rafael Noh, CEO of a popular development house KOG Funplus, has said “We want players to play on their terms. If they want to play on PC, then we want them to have the best experience. BlueStacks Inside gives us the ability to distribute the best PC experience to players on platforms they already use.”

This is a commendable attempt to address the availability issue which has plagued PC and Mobile gaming. Previously, PC gamers used digital distribution services such as Origin, Uplay, and Steam, whereas mobile players were restricted to the App Store and Play Store.

Many argue that the main utility of mobile gaming is the portability of playing games on a smartphone anywhere. That said, there is still a sizeable segment of users that depends on emulators for mobile games and will surely appreciate this new development.

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