iOS 11.3.1 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks [Updated List]

Here’s a list of all the latest, fully working iOS 11.3.1 compatible jailbreak tweaks you can download on iPhone and iPad. The enlisted tweaks are live to download. They are in addition to already released Electra iOS jailbreak tweaks on Cydia.

ios 11.3.1 jailberak tweaks updated list

Here’s a List of all the iOS 11.3.1 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks you can use on iPhone or iPad Jailbroken using Electra.

The entire premise of iOS jailbreak is to allow users to use tweaks and apps that are not sanctioned by Apple in the first place. Many of these include productivity enhancing solutions otherwise not available on stock iOS firmware. They give you an ability to customize your device, firmware, control center, background, app icons and display, special effects, much more. You can add new buttons, stylish animations, exclusive settings, jailbreak compatible apps and games, and lots of interesting stuff that isn’t a part of stock experience.

The Electra iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak is out now, which means you can start introducing changes to the way iOS firmware works on your iPhone or iPad. The purpose of these tweaks is to enable users to use the operating system without the restrictions imposed on its use by Apple.

However, along with all the endless possibilities that these tweaks give, many of the apps haven’t been updated yet to be fully compatible with the latest jailbreak. So the chances are always there that your favorite tweak may not working or functioning at its best, until developers release fresh updates.

Therefore to help users save time required to search and try each and every tweak, the Electra team has posted a list of jailbreak tweaks that are compatible, updated and fully working with iOS 11.3.1, as of this writing. You can find a complete list here, but for your convenience, here is a screenshot below.

ios 11.3.1 jailbreak tweaks

If your favorite apps or tweak is not listed, then wait as the update with support for the latest jailbreak should be just round the corner. Only caveat would be to exercise caution when picking and installing tweaks as some could be hazardous to your device’s hardware resulting in bootloop error, or might compel you to restore using iTunes, hence losing all files and settings in the process. What makes it even worse is that Apple has stopped signing iOS 11.3.1, which means restoring your device will automatically install the most recent iOS 11.4.1 with no recourse to downgrading to the jailbreak compatible version.

If you’re interesting in exploring the possibilities offered by the iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak, read all the installation instructions in this tutorial: How To Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 On iPhone or iPad Using Electra.

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