Sword Art Online Variant Showdown Pre-Register Open! Learn More Here

Bandai Namco Entertainment, the creator of Sword Art Online, has confirmed Sword Art Online Variant Showdown mobile game to honor the 10th anniversary of their hit Japanese novel series and anime show in 2022. Pre-registration for Sword Art Online Variant Showdown is open now. Fans of the franchise who reserve their spot before the public launch will receive gifts shown in the Facebook post below.

This Sword Art game is coming to iOS and Android smartphones worldwide. A new teaser trailer highlights the gameplay dynamics below. As you can see in the announcement video, staple characters like Sinon, Asuna, and Kirito, are part of the action as well.

On the official website, you will find all the details about the storyline. In the beginning, Kirito learns about Cross Edge, a genius middle school kid, and from there, things start rolling. After that, he knows about a weirdly hooded character who assaults other heroes, which causes them to lose memory. Then, Kirito and his companions call upon Laughing Coffin and decide to explore by playing Cross Edge.

As for the language, the game is available in multiple languages. In addition to English in the global version, Mandarin Chinese, French, and Korean. For more information, head over to the official game site.

For now, there is not a lot of gameplay information out. So to stay in touch, you need to regularly monitor the developer’s social media accounts on Twitter, etc.

Pre-registration milestone awards are live! However, you will have to wait a bit longer for information regarding what each item will serve. Until then, get a preview glimpse in the trailer video below.