Download Fugu15 Max Jailbreak For iPhone 13 Pro Max On iOS 15.4.1

Fugu15 Max is here! You can now download iPhone 13 Pro Max jailbreak for iOS 15.4.1 firmware version. Developers behind Fugu15 have released a new update of their Apple iOS jailbreak tool.

A beta of Fugu15 jailbreak for A12 – A15 devices is available to download free. This update works on devices running on iOS 15 through iOS 15.4.1 as declared by the developers behind the release.

fugu15 max jailbreak for iphone 13 pro max ios 15.4.1

According to the creators, though the jailbreak was supposed to arrive at a later date a leak made it impossible to hold back the release. Moreover, the final version will have a different name than the one given to the current iteration. What that name is, we don’t know yet.

Was supposed to be finished first but a leaked IPA was spreading like wildfire so we really did not have any choice. Thanks for reminding me that having upstream source of an unfinished jailbreak publicly available was not a good idea. Please don’t grow too attached to the name “Fugu15 Max”, the final jailbreak will have a different name. Use on your own risk, read release notes.

That said, developers warn users that the premature release means the jailbreak is far from a finished product and those interested in giving it a go should do so “at your own risk.”

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In light of the underlying shortcomings, we would suggest waiting until a more stable version is ready for the public.

If you want to jump ahead, this jailbreak works on iPhone XS through the iPhone 13 Pro Max. There is no confirmation about support for iPhone 14 on iOS 16.