Minecraft Earth For PC Windows 10 & MAC – Free Download [2021]

Minecraft Earth a new augmented reality game for smartphones is created by the developer house in collaboration with the creators of the Minecraft series. Minecraft Earth carries the official Microsoft stamp with all the features carefully crafted using the Redmond tech giant’s propriety technology for the best playing experience. The official Minecraft Earth for Android and iOS is available on their respective app stores upon its release. This means PC gamers can also get Minecraft Earth on PC Windows 10, 8, 7, and macOS. Wondering how to play Minecraft Earth on PC? Well, it’s simple. For that, refer to the installation tutorial below. Minecraft Earth AR Game brings the blocky world in real-life settings.

minecraft earth for pc

Microsoft Minecraft Earth AR Game:

Microsoft‘s official release of Minecraft Earth is out of the early beta testing phase. Most estimates suggest that it will be out sometime later this year. The initial beta update is set to embrace mobile platforms soon. The game mechanism aims to bridge the gap between the Minecraft world and reality through the use of AR technology. It allows players to access Minecraft items and characters in the real world.

Players can use their device cameras to spot items out in the real surroundings to collect resources needed to build structures. Game developer Torfi Olafsson says that the game is more of an adaptation rather than a direct imitation of the original Minecraft source material. This flexibility allows more room for experimenting with new gameplay elements that take full advantage of augmented reality using modern smartphone cameras. Moreover, this fresh approach into the blocky world of Minecraft while keeping its usual array of items, with physics intact.

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Minecraft Earth Gameplay:

Minecraft Earth uses OpenStreetMap data to bring blocky adventures into real-world settings. These levels include face-to-face interaction between players and monsters and quest missions.

The Verge has reported that they had the chance to spend some time with the game, and it plays out exactly as the developers promise:

I sat for around 10 minutes creating a Minecraft build where I could see blocks flying onto the structure from someone next to me. They could also see everything I was doing in real time, and we could build together block by block. I could, if I wanted to, also steal my friend’s blocks here to create my own mega building. That introduces an interesting social dynamic because, unlike most games, you’ll be physically next to the person you’re stealing from in the virtual world.

“In order to steal, you would have to look up and go, ‘Hmm, I’m going to take your blocks,’” says Saxs Persson, creative director of Minecraft. “Shenanigans will come from when people have different opinions about what needs to happen, or they band together and do something meaningful.”

Now let me walk you through the process to download Minecraft Earth running on desktop and laptop running Windows and Mac operating systems. But before installing Minecraft Earth for free do check our Apps for PC section for more interesting apps and games.

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Download Minecraft Earth For PC Windows And MAC:

Here is how to download Minecraft Earth from the official source. Do check if your computer meets the hardware requirements.

Now follow the steps below to install Minecraft Earth on PC to play the Android app version on Desktop and Laptop.

  1. Download any Android Emulator tool, such as BlueStacks 4, and install it on your computer. Skip if you already have one on your device.
  2. Now launch your Emulator and click on its search box.
  3. Type Minecraft Earth and hit the enter key.
  4. Select the game from the search result list and install it.
  5. If it is not available, then download Minecraft Earth APK from this link here and save it on your computer. Next, right-click on the APK file and choose your default Android Emulator to install Minecraft Earth.
  6. Once done, head over to the All Apps tab in your Android Emulator and click on the game’s icon to open it.
  7. Follow on-screen instructions to allow necessary permissions and access to device resources and start playing.
  8. That’s it.

You can now enjoy Minecraft Earth PC on a bigger display for better results. Share your playing experience in the comments section below.

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