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Here download and install Murderous Pursuits Apk to play the latest version of this role-playing game on Android devices with and without root. Developer Netease Games Global has released version 1.0.0 of its multiplayer stealth murder party RPG on the Google Play Store. If the would like to play the newly updated official Murderous Pursuits on mobile even in regions where it is not available yet, get the Murderous Pursuits Mobile Apk from the link below.

Click on the direct download link shared down below to download Murderous Pursuits v1.0.0 Apk with a fully working +obb/data file and see the instructions in a step-by-step manual install guide to learn how to properly set up the Murderous Pursuits Apk app for free.

To celebrate the launch of Murderous Pursuits Mod Apk, Gamers and content creators can head over to the official website to sign up and start hosting a live broadcast of more than 20 minutes of gameplay or recreate a video of more than 2 minutes in length and submit it on the game’s site.

But first, let me walk you through the gameplay, review, main features, walkthrough, preview, characters, abilities, and how to download Murderous Pursuits Apk on mobile.

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Murderous Pursuits Mobile Apk File Info:

App Name Murderous_Pursuits.apk
File Size 67MB
Latest Version v1.0.0
Operating System Android 4.3 and up
Developer Netease Games Global
Updated On 2022
Google Play Store Not Available

Murderous Pursuits Gameplay Review:

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In Murderous Pursuits 2022, anywhere between one to eight people can participate at a time to take out targets on a given set. You can trust no one as everyone will be hunting each other so you’ll have to adopt a tactical approach in order to avoid detection and keep suspicion alive.

You alongside the other seven players will roam a specified area, but there will be a number of NPCs that will be useful in helping you put on a disguise to imitate and blend in without detection.

The interactive elements scattered across a given location assist you in hiding your identity from rivals.

If you manage to get caught, there are power-ups you can utilize that will carve out your escape route. Some of the main boosters include Pie Bombs and Flash Grenades.

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New Content:

  • Opened EU and US servers
  • Added new character exclusive special effects


  • Adjusted the number of players for Solo Ranked matches above Tier Gold from 8 to 4 players

Murderous Pursuits Apk 2022 is no longer available on Google Play Store. But you can install it manually using the Murderous Pursuits Apk app from the direct download link shared below.

Murderous Pursuits Walkthrough Video And Preview:

Here is the official launch trailer of the mobile version of Murderous Pursuits RPG:

Murderous Pursuits Main Features:

Welcome aboard a Victorian-styled time-traveling airship, where you and seven other players must kill each other in the daring daylight without raising suspicion.

Our mysterious party host, Mr. X, will constantly assign you targets to track down and kill. As you stalk your prey you are also pursued by other party-goers. And there are always the guards who will lock you up if they witness your bad behavior.

No one plans a murder out loud, you’d better keep an eye on others while not making any wrong moves.

Blend in the Crowd, Don’t Expose

To get rid of exposure, step to special locations where you can partake in a variety of highbrow activities with NPCs to obscure your presence.

Act Naturally, Fool Them All

Mimic the actions of NPCs to fool your opponents.

Awkward wandering, sudden changes of direction, otherwise jerky moves, or running like hell could give you away.

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Be Focused! Sniff out Your Targets

You’ll be equipped with radar showing the direction and proximity of your targets, but it’s your job to figure out who among the crowd is the most suspicious one.

Don’t let any clue escape your notice.

Sneak up, Finish with Tricks!

No two murders are alike. Find the best secret path to your targets, play it cool, and strike when the time is right.

The danger is Looming, Use Skills Artfully

Temporary disguise, flash grenade, and pie bomb.

There is a wide range of power-ups at your disposal to get out of sticky moments.

Who Shall be the Best Suspect?

Choose an innocent mask among multicultural expressive characters, put on your killer dress, and take a deep breath. The wicked play is live!

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Murderous Pursuits Characters:

Until the most recent update, Murderous Pursuits has 8 main characters. More may be added in future releases.

Character Names

Here are the names of Murderous Pursuits Mobile Characters:

  1. Admiral
  2. Assassin
  3. Brute
  4. Dodger
  5. Doxy
  6. Duchess
  7. Prince
  8. Tracker

Murderous Pursuits Wiki Community:

Join the Murderous Pursuits Wiki to get all the latest information, news, tutorials, guides, tips, tricks, discussion forums, and more about the Murderous Pursuits Mobile on Android and iOS.

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Murderous Pursuits Abilities And Skills:

Murderous Pursuits Skills that each character can wield include the following:


  • Stun other players and NPCs for 3 seconds.
  • Cooldown – 90 seconds


  • It takes 5 seconds to humiliate someone. This will fully drain your exposure and reward you with 3 favor.


  • Places you under disguise for 30 seconds.
  • Cooldown – 45 seconds


  • Valid targets will be revealed for 5 seconds, invalid targets for just 0.75 seconds.
  • Cooldown – 75 seconds


  • The actual counter duration lasts 3 seconds.
  • Cooldown – 60 seconds

Murderous Pursuits Apk Screenshots:

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Download And Install Murderous Pursuits For Android:

Step 1: Download Murderous Pursuits v1.0.0 Mod Apk +OBB/Data by clicking on the link below.

Step 2: Now go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources to allow your Android device to install the .apk file.

Step 3: Locate the downloaded APK on your phone and tap on it to begin the installation process.

Step 4: Follow the setup instructions on the screen to properly install the app.

Step 5: All Done. Click the download link below for a fully working latest app apk.

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