How To Enable FPP / TPP Mode In PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 [iPhone, iPad, Android]

PUBG Mobile version 0.6.1 is released worldwide for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The original Chinese version, which started it all, is getting better with each new update. The game has become a global phenomenon on multiple platforms, such as Xbox, PC, Android and iOS. Developers have also started rolling out PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 Apk [English Beta Update with new Miramar map] for Android devices across the world. The update number 0.6.1 is the Chinese version of the PUBG Mobile, which brings an addictive new First-Person Perspective (FPP) mode. Many non-Chinese players want to know how they enable the new FPP mode in PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 update. We are here to help you guys.

pubg mobile 0.6.1 fpp mode

The Chinese version of the hottest game on earth by the Quantum & Lightspeed Studio is capturing players’ interest all over the world. It’s this version that launched PUBG and PUBG Mobile to a massive success rarely achieved by most games these days. The Chinese version offers the original playing experience just like the developers intended. English version doesn’t have some of the features of the original released in China.

However, language barrier means that non-native players unfamiliar with Chinese feel left out from experiencing the amazing gameplay of the original version. Those who decide to go ahead and try the PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 find it difficult to understand various options on the menu, navigate around various section of the game, select different settings, toggle game modes on or off. It is precisely the reason that some players who opt to experience the unadulterated experience of PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 (Chinese) find it troublesome to navigate around the menu to enable or disable the new FPP mode.

Fortunately, we have an active community of PUBG players who are ever present to help others out by providing useful solutions to myriad problems. That’s what has happened in this case, with one community member posting helpful screenshots which show the way to toggle between FPP and TPP modes on the latest version of PUBG.

The screenshot shows that players can access the new FPP mode from the Settings to enable and disable this feature. As shown below, select the Basic option on the top-right of the menu, and then use the OFF/ON toggle on near the bottom-left of the menu to disable/enable the FPP mode.

fpp mode pubg 0.6.1

Moreover, all those traipsing around the map in search of vital food and resources, it’s possible to quickly switch between FPP and TPP without having to wait for a new game or level to start.

tpp fpp mode pubg 0.6.1

As can be seen in the image above, the on-screen toggle provides a shortcut to quickly switch between the two modes with a single tap on the button. This is extremely useful for those who want a swift way to move from one mode to another in order to gain an upper-hand over other players.

It’s important to mention here that playing in high enough levels, involving FPP only games, this toggle switch will not be visible on the screen. For questions regarding this topic, contact us via comments section below.

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