Download Xposed Installer APK for Android 9.0 Pie [Install Xposed Framework]

Here you can download Xposed Installer APK for Android 9.0 Pie devices and learn how to install Xposed Framework and its modules on Android devices running the latest version of the Android firmware. This ported variant of the official framework is called EdXposed and works as a Magisk module.

The latest Xposed Framework version with support for Android Pie has been released by developers. Although this is not the official update that many fans of this framework were waiting for, it is stable enough to run on most Android 9.0 smartphones nonetheless. We are waiting for rovo89 to release the official Xposed for Android Pie. Until then, you can use the one shared in the download link below and install it by following the instructions in the guide below.

xposed installer apk for android pie

Xposed is popular among Android users to install device customization tools. The software features several modules to perform modification tasks on an Android handset.

This is a gateway to lift the performance of the device over its default capabilities. So if your Android phone is low-powered or lacks features that most high-end users enjoy, Xposed enables you to get them with the help of repositories, mods, and other customization applications.

Xposed Framework is an open-source project. This makes it available for Android developers who can then modify existing codes and integrate more features into the firmware. A recent Reddit post said that an EdXposed port as an Xposed module is now available.

EdXposed is a framework type designed as a Magisk module you can use on any device that has Magisk installed on it. On its GitHub page, it is mentioned that EdXposed is based on Riru, which essentially paves the way for the module to execute all the necessary codes that are required for it to work.

If you own a device running Android Pie version 9.0, follow the instructions in the guide below to install the updated framework.

xposed framework for android 9.0 pie

Install Xposed Framework On Android Pie 9.0 Devices

Before starting, it is important to note that this is NOT an official Xposed. This version is ported from the original framework. The ported variant is yet to be properly tested on a large scale and thus may not work on all devices. Proceed if you’re confident and follow the instructions carefully.


Since EdXposed is a form of Magisk module, you will need to have Magisk on your smartphone. If it is already installed, move ahead to the installation part.

Download Files

Installation Steps

  1. On your Android 9.0 Pie phone, open Magisk Manager.
  2. Head over to Modules section.
  3. Select Riru Core from the list and install it.
  4. Return to the main Modules menu and select the EdXposed module.
  5. Locate the file named XposedInstaller_by_dvdandroid_19_10_18.apk and install it.
  6. Once done, reboot your phone.

After the restart, you can start using Android 9.0 Pie Xposed on your handset or tablet. Some users have reported positive feedback with the module. So far, it is working fine on OnePlus 6 and Google Pixel 3 powered by Pixel Experience ROM.

This ported tool is stable due to it being a Magisk module, which makes bypassing the SafetyNet check relatively simple. Successfully passing this safety check allows users to run apps like Pokemon GO, Google Services, Google Pay, and other programs otherwise not authorized for use under certain conditions.

Source: GitHub

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