Download Official iPhone XR, XS, XS Max Stock Wallpapers

Here you can download all the official stock wallpapers present on Apple’s latest flagship iPhone XS/XS Max as well as iPhone XR smartphone. A complete bundle of this year’s iPhone XS and XR smartphone is available in the download link below. We earlier shared a rendered version of the iPhone XS stock wallpaper, but this time you can get the official lineup of 15+ wallpapers in one place via a zip file shared linked at the end of the this article.

iphone xs xs max and xr stock wallpapers

With the 2018 series of iPhone devices, Apple has finally said goodbye to physical homebutton across all its high-end models. But if the new iPhones are out of your budget and want to use their wallpapers on the device you currently own, then grab them for free below.

All these wallpapers will ship on the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. They are available to download right now, for free. Developers have extracted the wallpapers from the official iOS 12 firmware and have ported them in a zip file format so that anyone can download them directly onto smartphones or PCs.

Apple iPhone is expensive. Spending so much money just to get stock wallpapers doesn’t make sense. So to help you save money, i have shared all the iPhone XS stock wallpapers and iPhone XR stock wallpapers in the links below. Download the wallpapers for yourself and share them with friends.

iphone xs stock wallpapers zip

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