Clash Of Clans And Clash Royale Private Servers 2022 [100% Working]

Here is an updated list of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale Private Servers 2022. The private servers mentioned in this article are fully working as of this writing. If some of these COC and CR Private Servers don’t work, they may have been taken down due to legal reasons, experiencing issues at the server’s end, temporarily taken down for maintenance purposes, or just not working anymore. The private servers in the list are currently online.

These are the fully working Clash Royale and Clash of Clans private servers online. Due to time constraints, only those are fully functioning, and updated servers are listed below.

I have searched and compiled a list of all the private servers for COC & CR. I will update the links as soon as developers release new updates. So please bookmark this page and stay tuned to our website via social media pages to remain informed about the latest updated private servers for CR & COC.

coc & cr private servers 2022


The servers listed below are in no way affiliated, sponsored, endorsed, and approved by Supercell, the official developer of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. So Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information regarding Supercell’s Fan Content Policy, visit

Please note that all these servers are for testing and development purposes only. We are sharing this list solely for information purposes. We do not take any responsibility for legal or in-game repercussions that may arise from using private servers to play COC & CR.

You can use these servers to test troops and buildings etc. You won’t be able to sync game data to your official CR or COC account. Moreover, you cannot play with players playing through the official CR or COC servers.

Note: These private servers are for Android devices only.

Clash of Clans Private Servers 2022:

Here is a list of Clash of Clans Private Servers 2022. Share the COC private server list with friends to spread joy.

Clash of Magic

clash of magic coc server apk

This server is developed by Clash of Magic. It’s compatible with COC 9.343.30 Android version. They host three servers with different features, but the one shared in the link below has everything unlimited with 1000 building capacity and heroes.

  • Command to attack your base
  • Custom modded buildings and troops
  • PvP in both villages
  • Clans

Download Clash of Magic Privet Server APK from the link below and install it on your Android device.

| Clash of Magic Private Server Apk |

Toxic Land COC

toxic land coc server apk

The ToxicLand COC private server is online. This service is compatible with Clash of Clans v9.343.4 or later Android devices. Here are its main features:

  • PVP in both villages
  • Customize troops and defensive buildings
  • Unlimited gems and coins
  • The latest update has Pumpkin Barbarian and Giant Skeleton
  • Limit to buy up to 1000 buildings to populate your village
  • Builder Base PVP is working

Download ToxiLand COC Private Server APK from the link below and install it on your Android device.

| ToixLand COC APK |


miroclash coc private server apk

This COC private server is developed by MiroClash and is still online as of this writing. Players can use this remote server for Clash of Clans version 9.105.10 or later on Android. Here are its main features:

  • Official Townhall 12
  • Unlimited Buildings
  • Custom mods
  • You get unlimited resources to upgrade everything to its maximum level
  • PEKKA giants
  • Battle Machine in Townhall
  • Ability to play in both town hall and builder base
  • Train up to 1000 troops without needing to upgrade
  • Create or join clans
  • Talk with other players on global chat
  • Battle with players who are on the same server as you
  • Building capacity of up to 1000

You can upgrade anything free of cost. Get this Clash of Clans private server by downloading MiroClash APK from the link below and installing it on your Android device.

| MiroClash COC Private Server Apk |

Clash of Builder

clash of builder coc private server apk

The Clash of Builder private server is developed by cocbuilder. It gives you the ability to play the Clash of Clans modded version online. This mod works with COC version 9.434 or newer on Android.

This is one of my favorite COC private servers. It’s the only remote server that gives you the ability to get unlimited buildings and troops and has the command to attack your base.

Other best features of this private server include:

  • Unlimited resources to max outbuildings and troops
  • Ability to go to clan wars
  • Builder hall buildings
  • Send troops to Townhall
  • YouTuber server
  • Custom modded troops and buildings
  • Unlimited troops, including a new troop, called warrior-builder
  • New heroes patrol the entire map
  • Each new hero has its unique ability
  • Ten new protective structures
  • Three new spells
  • New traps
  • A new construction, army, and spell will be introduced to the server
  • Bug fixes

Warrior-builder appears every few seconds to build the cannon and inflict damage on the buildings. The bomb costs a 50k elixir to create and wears all the surrounding buildings. Make sure to have plenty of custom-modded heroes and buildings in this version.


a) /online – Show online players

b) /easy – server will build you a steep base

c) /cut – removes all obstacles

d) /asp on, off – Attack your own base

e) /cleanbase – Reset your base

f) /max – upgrade all buildings to max level

g) /refill – reset game resources

h) /clone (player id) – Let’s you clone any player’s base

i) /refil – Reset Game Resources

j) /antitroops – Remove all troops and spells

Download Clash of Builder Private Server from the link below and install its APK on your Android device to get the latest version of the COC private server.

| Clash of Builder Private Server Apk |


null's clash coc private server apk

This Clash of Clans private server is online courtesy nulls. It works with COC version 10.134.11 or later on Android mobile devices.

A new update has merged all previous servers into one, making it possible to play in both townhall and builder base within one game. Here is what you can expect to use in this private server.

  • This server offers unlimited resources to upgrade your troops and defensive towers to their maximum level
  • Clan wars feature is added in the latest update
  • Battle with real players in both builder base and town hall
  • You gain or lose trophies upon winning or losing battles like in the official server
  • You can give custom commands in the game [/asp – attack your own base, /full – max out all buildings on your base, /clean – clear all buildings (reset your base), /max – maximum gold and elixir, /cct – clear all spells and units in townhall]
  • Ability to create or join a clan and partake in friendly battles with your friendly clan mates
  • Magical items available
  • Bug fixes
  • The trader is now available in the game
  • Clans can
  • gain their level in clan wars

So if you like to have these features, download Null’s Clash of Clans Private Server from the link below and install it like any other APK file on your Android device for free.

Ensure that you have a super-fast WiFi network to play COC via this private server.

| Null’s Clash Private Server Apk |


darksoul coc private server apk

Developer Darksoul designed this private server to help players enjoy modified Clash Of Clans even when playing online.

It is one of the most famous clash of clans private servers; Darksoul has three servers with different features and mods.

The Clash of Clans private server 2022 shared in the link below has unlimited resources and troops. It works with Clash of Clash version 10.134.15 or later on Android.

  • It can handle up to 10k players at once
  • Type /commands to get a list of commands that can be used in the game
  • PVP in both villages
  • Commands to attack your base
  • YouTuber server
  • Clan wars
  • Works on both Android and iOS devices
  • You can upgrade heroes to level 50
  • Easily create a base with the building you want

The updated version has removed connection errors and remains stable as long as the active player count doesn’t exceed 10k; otherwise, it might disconnect from the game server.

Download Darksoul COC Private Server from the link below and install it on your Android device using the manual APK installation method.

| Darksoul COC Private Server Apk |

Royal War COC

royalwar coc private server apk

Developed by Royal War, this clash of clans private server gives you the ability to play modded COC online. It works with version 9.434.4 or later. This update smooths out connection issues.

Here are its main features:

  • Unlimited buildings and troops
  • Pumpkin Barbarian and Giant Skeleton available
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Ability to build 1000 buildings on your base
  • Both Builder base and Townhall but builder base does not include any mod
  • Chat with other players online
  • Create or join a clan
  • Have friendly battles with your clanmates
  • Stable server
  • Clan games and wars
  • Builder Base PVP working
  • Attack your own base in townhall

Download Royal War COC for Android from the link below and install APK to get the latest update of the modded Clash of Clans with all its new features.

| Royal War COC Apk |

Clash of Dreams

clash of dreams private server

This COC private server is the work of the Clash of Dreams team. You can use it to play modded clash of clans online without getting your account blocked by Supercell. Server 4.5 works with COC version 9.343.30 or later on Android.

I discovered this server via its Twitter page. It’s a relatively new addition to the clash of clans’ private servers. There are no connection issues in the latest update. However, Clash of Dreams COC’s remote server only features Town Hall; there is no Builder Base.

Here are its main features:

  • Unlimited resources to maximize your base
  • Custom mods for buildings, troops, traps, spells, and textures
  • Power server means no connection issues, which allows many players to play at the same tie without lags
  • PVP battles, playable on the Builder Base.
  • Ice Wizard house added
  • Bug fixes
  • New map editor

To get Clash of Dreams COC private servers, you’ll need to download APK from the link below and use it to install on your Android device.

| Clash of Dreams COC Private Server Apk |

Clash Royale Private Servers 2022:

Now check the latest Clash Royale private server list featuring servers that allow you to play modded CR online without getting your game account terminated or blocked by Supercell.


xroyale private server apk

This CR private server is the work of xRoyale. It is online, as of this writing, which means you can use it to play modified Clash Royale. The xRoyale 2022 works with the CR version 2.1.7 or later on Android. It brings new chests and cards, quests, and tournaments. This server enables playing battles, quests, and tournaments against real players on the same server as you.

Here are its main features:

  • Unlimited gems and coins to open as many chests as you want
  • Free money to upgrade your cards to the maximum level
  • It gives an entirely authentic experience as if you are playing on the actual Clash Royale server with unlimited resources
  • Paste these commands in clan chat: /changeskin [king | princess] [default | gold | pump | gem] – Change the skin of your towers. /clearaccount – Clear all cards from your account

Download xRoyale private server APK from the link below and install it on your Android device to enjoy the modded version online.

| XRoyale CR Private Server Apk |

Fun Royale

fun royale private server apk

This CR private server is developed by FunRoyale, aka Redmineboys. Use it to play a modified version of clash royale online without getting your account blocked by Supercell.

The Fun Royale APK 2.1.0 with new cards is available at the link below. It’s still in the beta stage, so some bugs are expected, but it’s stable enough to be played online with different custom-made cards and an all-new arena.

Here are its main features:

  • 10+ Custom made cards, including the powerful Furnace card
  • A new arena
  • Many default cards with enhanced features
  • Unlimited Elixir
  • New Heroes added
  • New Lava Golem added
  • New challenges added

If you can’t drop cards in the arena, close the app and open it again, fixing the issue. The game occasionally crashes, which you can fix by restarting the game.

Download Fun Royale APK from the link below and install it on your Android device.

| Fun Royale CR Private Server Apk |


nulls royale private server 2018 apk

Null’s Royale is a famous private server for CR. Null’s released their clash royale private server 2.2.1 with clan wars for the latest version of Clash Royale.

This new update lets you play modded clash royale online without getting banned. Null has merged paid server to the free one, thus making all the premium cards available in the openly accessible server.

However, a new paid server has an exclusive touchdown mode which is not available on the accessible server.

Here is a list of its features:

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements in the clash royale private server
  • Battle against real players on the same server
  • Enter new tournaments and challenges
  • Premium cards for free
  • Unlimited gems for unlocking chests to get all the cards
  • Altogether original Clash Royale experience as winning and losing will gain or lose you trophies
  • Join or create clans
  • Participate in friendly battles
  • King of barbarians added
  • Queen of archers on an only premium server

However, the tournaments and special events will be locked because you start from level 3, so you will need to reach level 5 to unlock it.

Skin Commands

Type the following commands in the group chat:

  • /skin – standard skin
  • /skin gold – skin skin
  • /skin gem – skin with gems
  • /skin pump

Chat Commands

Type these commands in the clan chat room. Do not write them in the old global chat.

  • / cglobal – go to this chat
  • / cclan – exit this chat (the clan’s chat returns)

To install Null’s Royale CR Private Server, download its APK from the link below. Install it like any Android APK on mobile or tablet to enjoy modded Clash Royale.

| Null’s Royale Private Server Apk |

PaulModz Royale Server

paulmodz royale server apk

This Clash Royale Private Server by PaulModz is currently online. This CR Private Server 2.2.1 with rascal card is available to download on Android devices.

You can use it to play modified Clash Royale version 2.2.1. One thing to note is you begin from the start on this private server.

Here are its other features:

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Rascal, Golem, and many more exclusively customized cards
  • Virtual private server to handle many players at a time
  • Unlimited Elixir (use the elixir generator)
  • Magic archer added
  • All cards unlocked
  • 10+ customized cards (Barbarian King, Ghost Graveyard, Troops, Cave, Boom Beach, and more)
  • Free level up all your cards
  • Clash of clans troops added in the latest update

Do not panic if the server goes down temporarily for maintenance purposes; it comes back on after routine updates to ensure stable performance without connection issues.

Download PaulModz Private Server Apk from the link below and install it on an Android device to enjoy mod online.

| Paul Modz CR Private Server Apk |

Master Roya21

master royale private server apk

This clash royale private server 2022 by master royale works online. You can use it to play modded clash royale in online mode without getting penalized by developers.

This CR private server features new modes such as Friendly Battles, Draft Battles, Live Battles, PvP. In the latest update, you can now play 2v2 battles as well.

Other prominent features include:

  • Unlimited coins and gems
  • In-game commands (first time on any Clash Royale private server)
  • Play online against other players on the same server
  • Improved 2v2 live battles
  • Unlock and play tournaments once you reach level 8
  • Cards are locked, so you will have to open chests to get the cards
  • Join groups and play battles with friends
  • Gain trophies upon winning battles
  • 2V2 Touchdown mode (play with other players)
  • Mirror battle

In-Game Commands

Copy or type the command below in group chat or group search.

  • / help – request for all available commands
  • / max – Maximizes all cards
  • / tourn – equate maps to test level
  • / reset – reset all by default

Download Master Royale private server and install it on your Android device using the APK in the link below.

| Master Royale CR Private Server Apk |


These are the best and fully working private servers that you can use to play Clash of Clans and Clash Royale on your Android device. Many other servers have gone offline, no longer receive updates, or simply not working anymore. If you know any COC & CR private servers, share with us in the comments section below.