Rocket League Sideswipe For Android/IOS Released! Learn More Here

Rocket League Sideswipe‘s official rollout on mobile platforms is now live! However, in the first phase of the launch, only players in Oceania can free download the arcade game for mobile on Android and iOS devices.

At the conclusion of alpha testing, Psyonix has announced the wider release with free-to-play pre-season events. Throughout November, more regions will receive the car soccer game as a mobile title.

Rocket League Sideswipe For Mobile Pre-season Arrives In Select Regions

The 2D version of Rocket League comes with gameplay optimized to provide gamers a better playing experience on touchscreen devices as they play solo or team up with friends for 2v2 matches on the go.

Unlike the 3D Rocket League, the Sideswipe offers a 2D side-on viewing perspective. As the name suggests, you need to swipe sideways to control your vehicles in this car-based soccer game.

rocket league sideswipe release

To help an average player, touch controls are intentionally designed with simple mechanics to expedite a seamless learning curve. For better players, advanced control mechanics facilitate the execution of special moves.

Like in the original, the mobile version has a ranking system for various competitive modes along with multiple car customization options.

Here’s a preview of the dynamic action in the recently released gameplay trailer below:

The above video presents an early glimpse of Rocket League Sideswipe in action. As you can see, you’ll hit giant balls with a car while attempting to dodge rival cars in order to knock the ball into the goal.

If you’re a fan of the Rocket League PC version and harbored presumptions about the viability of the mobile iteration, let me assure you that the creators have competently assuaged any misgivings you may have had.

Folks in Oceania, downloading during the Pre-Season launch window allows you to earn XP in Sideswipe which you can utilize for a chance to earn extra XP in the PC and console version of Rocket League. To avail of this bonus offer, make sure to log in with the same Epic Games account for online matches on devices you’re using to play the game.

Every time you level up in Sideswipe, you’ll earn a ‘Bonus Win’ in Rocket League. Then, once you win an Online Match in Rocket League, you’ll get extra XP for that Bonus Win. Bonus Wins can also be earned for Sideswipe by playing Rocket League, so enjoy the extra XP in both games.

That said, we still don’t have a clear picture as to the Rocket League Sideswipe launch outside the Oceania region (Australia, Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia). Latest reports suggest the global launch will happen before the end of the year, which is not too far away.