PUBG PC Hackers Set To Get Permanent Device Ban; Official Statement Confirms

PUBG developers are about to introduce a new tougher policy to tackle hackers and cheaters. In an attempt to dissuade players from resorting to unfair tricks against opponents, the creators of popular battle royale game, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, will stamp PUBG PC hardware ban. Starting from November, cheaters will see their computer unable to run PUBG if they’re caught using illegal means to gain an advantage over other players.

pubg pc hardware ban news

There has been a steady implementation of measures directed at curbing anti-cheat behavior among players. Although the recent steps have succeeded to an extent in creating a level playing field new methods of hacking the PUBG game system managed to sneak through the firewall. It seems the developers have enough of being lenient on the hackers, which is evident from their latest announcement that they are introducing a much tougher punishment starting from November.

On the PUBG’s Official Korean Forum, the news has been confirmed that from November 10 onward hardware bans will be handed out to those who use unfair means to outsmart rival players, including those who have a history of using unauthorized ways during the gameplay.

We are still waiting for the official announcement in English, but it’s not far away.

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In the most recent update of PUBG for PC, new anti-cheat system was introduced to improve the playing experience.

As part of our ongoing efforts to combat cheating, we’ve developed a new anti-cheat system in-house at PUBG Corp. which we’re now bringing to live servers, after an extensive period on our test servers. This system is being used in addition to our existing anti-cheat solutions.

Expect to see a new popup when you start the client. To help us refine our anti-cheat service it would be helpful for us if you play with the “Enable Anti-cheat” box checked, if you experience issues you can disable this.

We’ve fixed previous compatibility issues experienced by some players, although we’ve kept the option to disable the new anti-cheat system while we go through the final stages of testing in the live server environment. Once testing is complete, you will be unable to disable this system.

PUBG anti-hacking policy will start taking effect on the PC platform followed by Xbox One console and then mobile devices.