How To Get Google Pay On Rooted Android Phones

Want to use Google Pay on rooted Android devices? Here is how to get the official Google Pay service on rooted Android devices. In the step by step guide below, you will learn how to run Google Pay account on your rooted Android smartphone or tablet.

Google launched the Google Pay service as its answer to Apple Pay. Previously known as Android Pay, it is a digital wallet for online payments. The main use of this service is to make point-of-sale purchases easy with the tap-to-pay feature that is linked to Google’s own secure online payment system for mobile devices. The whole point of this platform is to enable users to make payments with Android phone, tablet or watch through a secure connection approved by Google. The official service mandates an authorized version of the Android firmware to run due to security concerns. On rooted devices, system security can no longer be guaranteed as the process allows the installation of fake apps and services not considered to be credible or safe. So if you have a rooted Android device and want to use Google Pay on it, brace yourself because disappointment is heading your way, as Google Pay by default doesn’t function on rooted Android devices.

google pay for rooted android devices

Beside Google Pay, there are a whole host of apps, mainly related to backing or finance, which would not work on rooted devices due to security reasons. However, rooting on Android is advancing with measures to ensure better improvements to the device safety against attacks directed at compromising user data or financial information. This has also enabled users to run Google Pay on rooted Android devices in just a few simple steps.

How To Use Google Pay For Rooted Android Devices

In order to get Google Pay to run on rooted Android devices, you will require Magisk root tool. Make sure your Android phone or tablet is rooted with Magisk (here is the download link for Magisk). Other root methods do not work. Once done, follow the steps below

1 – This method presumes that you have already rooted your device with Magisk and has Magisk Manager installed on it.

2 – Now launch Magisk Manager and go to its Settings.

3 – Scroll down and enable these settings: Magisk Core Only Mode, Magisk Hide, and Systemless hosts.

magisk settings in magisk manager

4 – Reboot your device after enabling the options.

5 – Once the reboot is complete, open Magisk Manager again, and tap on Tap to start SafetyNet check.

6 – That’s it.

Google Pay will start working on your rooted Android device You can now use Google Pay to make payments straight from your Android phone, tablet or smartwatch without any restrictions!

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