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Apple unveiled the next iteration of its Mac OS at the WWDC. The new macOS Mojave is the successor to the current macOS High Sierra operating system for iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro. Registered members of Apple Developer Program can download the new OS on their desktop or laptop. One of the best new features of the macOS Mojave is its stock wallpaper which changes according to the time of the day. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a member of the developer program to get macOS Mojave stock wallpaper on your computer. Download macOS Mojave wallpaper from the link below.

macos mojave os wallpapers

If you’re cannot wait to get your hands on the Mojave-themed wallpapers which will arrive with the Apple’s latest macOS version, we have shared them in the link down below. macOS Mojave is the most ambitious operating system from Apple in years. It comes with an all new dark mode, which is a first for any Mac OS. Improved graphics, notification center, news app, and many more interesting features definitely makes it something to look forward to. Together with the visual improvements, Apple is bringing, for the first time, a dynamic stock wallpaper which changes effects based on the current time in your location.

This new wallpapers set consists of Mojave Day, Mojave Night, and a third special dynamic version of the Mojave Night creation wallpaper. You can download all three wallpapers and use them on any device running a non-macOS Mojave operating system. These wallpapers are designed for Mac running Mojave in both normal and dark modes. However, it’s the dynamic wallpaper which you would really want to use.

Download macOS Mojave Stock Wallpapers

The new dynamic wallpaper changes based on the time of the day detected by the machine’s clock. This gives a unique experience as the background image automatically changes colors to reflect the current time. As of this writing, the macOS Mojave isn’t available for everyone, only beta testers can access it via developer program. So it’s not possible for everyone to try new features, including the stock wallpapers, without first download the pre-release seed of the platform.

mojave dark and normal modes

That said, you don’t need to wait for the final version to release later this year, or register to the developer program, in order to get the macOS Mojave dynamic wallpaper. Simply click on the link below to get all three macOS Mojave wallpapers in a zip file from the link below and save it on your device to extract its content.

You can download official macOS Mojave stock wallpapers with the new dynamic wallpaper from this link here.

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